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 Geometry Dash Cheats

Geometry Dash

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General strategies:
* The first half of a level features a square that can jump as it follows a 
  path with spikes. You will restart at the beginning of the level if you
  hit the spikes. You will also encounter platforms that appear consecutively.
  Tap and hold to make the square continuously jump through these sections. 
* After doing some platforming section, you will pass through a portal and 
  into a rocket. You must now fly past obstacles. Tap and hold to fly upwards,
  then release to go back down. If possible, start in the middle, then move 
  around walls begin appearing. 
* Time your taps to the beat to avoid obstacles. Timing is essential, and 
  must be done with both the visuals and audio. Only tap as needed to clear
  an obstacle and do not make any extra unnecessary moves. When the song is
  over, the level is over. 

* Sparkles give you an extra bounce above ground.
* Springers launch your square into the air.

Practice mode:
Practice mode allows you to return to a recent checkpoint after you die.
Use it to memorize the level. However, checkpoints may appear in dangerous
areas, and may require you to quickly jump after respawning in order to 
prevent dying again.

Colors and icons:
Completing levels will unlock new icons and allow you to keep unlocking colors.

Chamber of Time Codes:
Chamber of Time is a secret vault. To enter, you need enter in the door in Vault 
of Secrets, and click on the orange lock. Wait, and go to the levels menu. Go to 
the "Coming Soon" part and click on a button with I (up-right of screen) and then,
click on Coming Soon word. Will appear a door, then, click in this door. After you
click, you will talk with The Gatekeeper, he will say about the Master Emblem. 
After the talk ends, you need go to the secret shop (Located on The Treasure Room,
Need 500 diamonds), after enter in the Treasure Room, Go one page back (This symbol 
"<", but not to back to menu) and click on the rope, you will enter in a secret 
shop. In the shop, you will see a Diamond, you need to buy this. After buying, 
back to the "Coming Soon" door. The Gatekeeper will leave you enter. 

In Chamber of Time type:

Unlockable                            How to Unlock
"Gatekeeper's Code" Achievement.    - Type "River".
"Gatekeeper's Curse" Achievement.   - Type "Hunger".
"Gatekeeper's Query" Achievement.   - Type "Silence".
"Gatekeeper's Riddle" Achievement.  - Type "Darkness".
"Gatekeeper's Vision" Achievement.  - Type "Volcano".

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