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  Hints and Tips for: Ghost Recon: Wildlands 
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 Ghost Recon: Wildlands Cheats

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tagging Resources:
Whenever you see an object that is flashing lightly, that is something 
you can tag for the Rebels to pick up. These are resources that you can
use to purchase new upgrades on your character. Whenever you see something 
you can tag, make sure you take the time to do so, every bit of resources 
you find can help you gain new abilities and better skills.

There are four different kinds of resources you can gather while roaming 
around; Gasoline, Medicine, Comms Tools, and Food. Some side missions you
complete can give you a big bonus of one resource, which may be vital to 
obtaining a helpful skill for your character.

You can sometimes gain extra resources by completing smaller side missions 
that appear on your Tacmap. These will range from executing raids on enemy 
Armored trucks, attacking a stronghold, or even protecting a radio broadcast 
from being stopped.

Be Aware of the Time of Day:
Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Bolivia is a living world with a day-night
cycle and dynamic weather patterns. Montuyoc’s terrain, and many 
of its missions, make for ideal nighttime raids where you can 
take a stealth approach and get the drop on your enemy. In this
scenario, we also recommend using your co-op squadmates to 
perform sync shots and provide general sniper fire in case you
run into a previously untagged guard. If you don’t feel like 
stealth, nighttime is the right time to cause some chaos. 
Try blowing up some fuel tanks or similarly flammable objects 
to cause a distraction and take advantage of confused enemies.

Easy "Black-out Boomer" achievement:
A good place to do this is at the "F.O.B. Armadillo" enemy base in the 
Itacua province (where the game begins). This is an Unidad controlled 
military base in the east with a power generator. First, buy the C4 
skill from the pause menu. Once you have it, enter the base and throw 
C4 at the generator. Blow it up to get the "Black-out Boomer" 
achievement. The generator also respawns every time you fast travel. 
Thus, it is not a problem if you previously destroyed it. Just fast 
travel there again for it to respawn.

Infinite resources:
Further into the game, especially when you have multiple skill points and 
few resources, fast travel to the Villa Verde Alpha rally point in the Villa 
Verde region in Solo mode (cannot be done in Co-Op mode). You will need an 
EMP drone, preferably Level 2 or 3. You will also need the Grenade Launcher 
skill and attachment on your weapon. You can still do this without the EMP 
drone and Grenade Launcher, but it will be more difficult and time consuming.
As soon as you spawn at the Villa Verde Alpha rally point, open your map to 
see the nearby "+5,000" resource convoy, east of Villa Verde Alpha. It will 
have one of the four resources and cycles often. Mark the convoy and the 
checkpoint. Then, grab a motorcycle and quickly drive to the marked checkpoint.
Drive through the river and park at the end of the fork in the road, hiding 
behind the trees. Quickly switch your weapon to the grenade launcher and deploy
the EMP drone. Hit the middle of the convoy with the drone to stop it, making 
sure to not get spotted by the enemies as you are using the drone while hiding 
behind the trees. Next, shoot three grenades into the front and back vehicles to 
destroy them. Run up to the middle vehicle and kill the passenger and driver with
bullets from your weapon. Tag the supplies to complete the side mission and get 
5,000 resources. If done correctly, all the enemies will be dead and you can 
fast travel back to the Villa Verde Alpha rally point. Since you are in Solo 
mode, the world will reset and the supply convoy will respawn. Repeat this 
process as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of resources. 
The entire process should take between 1:45 to 2 minutes each time. You can 
get between 150,000 to 170,000 resources per hour, depending on your efficiency.
Note: Make sure to meet the convoy at the fork in the road. If you meet them 
further up the road, there is a nearby base where enemies will keep respawning
from and hunting you until you escape, which adds more time to the process.
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