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  Hints and Tips for: Granny in Paradise 
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 Granny in Paradise Cheats

Granny in Paradise

Level 49:
After you deposit al the kitties, get the jackhammer and drive through to the second
to last level to get the key. Donít forget to dig holes to bury the tikis. Dig three,
that way if the first tiki resurrects heíllstill fall in.

Level 76:
When you get to the crumbling floor between the elevators, take very slow steps. If
you go too fast, youíll fall through. Also, if a robot is following you, dig at the
top of the ladder and bury him. That way if you fall off the bridge ou wonít land on 
him and lose a life.

Level 90:
Grab the umbrella and the bomb first. This will give you enough time to place the 
bomb and get out before the robots get you.

Level 91:
To get to the kitties at the top you have to use the warp. Use the second warp from
the right at the bottom and youíll go right to them.

Level 100:
The first tip is blow away the rocks away from the robot on the left and get the tow
kitties home. Then, kill and bury all of the robots. When they resurrect, they will 
be locked behind the rocks and you will have already saved those kitties.

Level 135:
Pick up the first key and run as fast as you can. If the gorilla comes after you, 
you can still dig a hole with the key. To get the second key, dig a hole and jump 
through. It will be faster than treading water to get to the second key. Make sure
you have both locks opened before you use the bomb otherwise both gorillas will be
freed and youíll have nowhere to go.

Level 161:
After you save all the kitties, grab the umbrella, dig a hole and jump through. Go 
all the way to the right, and let go of the rope. There is a hidden fan that will 
take up to the exit flower.

Level 166:
Submitted by: Mary Anne

On Level 166, with all the transporters, you start by entering the transporter on 
your left, then go left 2 more times, next go right, then the last 4 are all lefts. 
You'll end up right next to the "exit flower".

Level 164:
Submitted by: Janet R

blow up first rock, go down thru levels to return thru portal, blow up rock on left, 
turn and bury ape quickly, go down thru dog level and let gorillas follow you down 
ladder to go thru crumbly rock (collecting plants and cats as you go). Try to keep 
gorillas in the lowest level so you take bomb to rock where flower is kept.
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