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  Hints and Tips for: Half Life - Uplink 
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 Half Life - Uplink Cheats

Half Life - Uplink

Submitted by: J-KELLOGG
(This only if you have the (game of the year) verson
This insint exactley a cheat [you have o have the retail 
verson disc for this to work] music like in thr retail version
first put in the disc if the automenucomes up close it 
go into half-life and start a new game .[the difficuilty 
dose noy matter] once it starts up music like in the 
retail version.

Undead scientist:
Under the dome building where you go down a manhole to the 
sewer (because the entrance was blown up), is a man in the 
corner who is not dead. Shoot him twice when you are talking, 
and he should stand up and run. That is all he can do.
Running from the monster alien: 
When you are right at the end of the demo, get to the right 
side of the platform and keep running against the edge. 
When the monster approaches to you, he will hit a computer 
and it causes the platform fall. Keep running to get past all 
the debris. You will be able to run around for a short time 
before the demo ends

How to use:
Submitted by:Sumit Makhe
(B o t t o m    L i n e:
These cheats are not working, unless you send me a thank-you e-mail ;:-]

If you want to use cheats in Half-Life, you will need to enable the -dev or -console 
parameters. To use parameters in Half-Life, edit the Half-Life icon on your Start menu as follows: 
1. Right-click the Start icon on the Windows task bar. 
2. Click Open. 
3. Find the Half-Life icon and right-click it.
4. Click Properties. 
5. Add the desired parameter to the end of the field that says Target or Cmd__Line. 
For example, to enable developer's mode you would change the line to read: 
"C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -dev".
-dev Developer's mode. Enables the console and displays debugging information while playing. 
-console Enables the console. To access it, press tilde (~) while playing. 
-heapsize x Tells Half-Life how much RAM (memory) it can use. For example, if you want it 
to use 32MB of RAM, then enter the parameter -heapsize 32768. Note: Do not request more 
memory than your computer has. 
-nointro Skips the introduction movies. 
-noip Removes the D.U.N. box for playing on a LAN. Note: Remove this command whenever 
playing on the Internet. If you don't, you won't be able to play online. 
-noipx Use this if you receive an IPX error when playing on a LAN.
-numericping Replaces the Half-Life server browser's "green dot" latency information 
with real numbers. Only available in version or later.
-startwindowed Starts Half-Life in a window instead of a full screen. 
-toconsole Immediately loads the console when Half-Life starts. 
-wavonly Disables Direct Sound and plays SFX in WAV files. 

Submitted by:Sumit Makhe

(B o t t o m    L i n e:
These cheats are not working, unless you send me a thank-you e-mail ;:-]

To use these codes, call up the console window 
(press tilde [~]) and enter the desired code: 
/God - Godmode (Invincibility).
/God 0 - Godmode off 
/ Noclip - No Clipping (Walk Through Walls, Etc.)
/impulse 101 - All weapons and extra ammo
/Map c#a# Single player map select; map numbers are as follows: 
c0a0; c0a0a; c0a0b; c0a0c; c0a0d; c0a0e; c1a0; c1a0a; c1a0b; 
c1a0c; c1a0d; c1a0e; c1a1; c1a1a; c1a1b; c1a1c; c1a1d; c1a1f; 
c1a2; c1a2a; c1a2b; c1a2c; c1a2d; c1a3; c1a3a; c1a3b; c1a3c; 
c1a3d; c1a4; c1a4b; c1a4d; c1a4e; c1a4f; c1a4g; c1a4i; c1a4j; 
c1a4k; c2a1; c2a1a; c2a1b; c2a2; c2a2a; c2a2b1; c2a2b2; c2a2c; 
c2a2d; c2a2e; c2a2f; c2a2g; c2a2h; c2a3; c2a3a; c2a3b; c2a3c; 
c2a3d; c2a3e; c2a4; c2a4a; c2a4b; c2a4c; c2a4d; c2a4e; c2a4f; 
c2a4g; c2a5; c2a5a; c2a5b; c2a5c; c2a5d; c2a5e; c2a5f; c2a5g; 
c2a5w; c2a5x; c3a1; c3a1a; c3a1b; c3a2; c3a2a; c3a2b; c3a2c; 
c3a2d; c3a2e; c3a2f; c4a1; c4a1a; c4a1b; c4a1c; c4a1d; c4a1e; 
c4a1f; c4a2; c4a2a; c4a2b; c4a3; c5a1

/Give Xxxx - Gives any Item. In place of "Xxxx", fill in one of the following: Ammo_357 
Ammo_rpgclip Item_airtank
Item_antidote Item_battery 
Item_healthkit Item_longjump 
Item_security Item_sodacan
Item_suit Weapon_357 

Healthy drinks:
Submitted by: A M Bhardwaj

In the hazard course, when you reach the room with 2 security guards and a scientist 
you would see two soft drinkís machines,
If you press the use keys there drink bottles will be released. Each of this will 
enhance your health by 1. However even if the buttons remain there for a short time 
they will come up again. But donít try to blast the machines for getting them quickly 
because they will not be effective.

Secret Passage:
Submitted by: pranav

at the begining when you reach the room with a crowbar and a cold-drink machine,take 
the crowbar and break the machine.when the machine falls down,there will be a valve.
turn the valve and it will prevent the gas leakage. there will be a secret passage!
it will lead to the room next to the room where we first get our revolver.
psst:beware!2 headcrabs would be waiting for you in the passage!


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