Heat of War, The Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Heat of War, The 
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 Heat of War, The Cheats

Heat of War, The

Cheat Codes:
Start the game and press [~] to bring up the console. 
Enter your code and press [Esc] to leave the console.

Code              Result
FreezeFrame #.# - Freeze Frame after delaying # seconds
Teleport        - Teleport to surface player is looking at
ChangeSize #.#  - Scale the player's size
LockCamera 1/0  - Toggle locking the Camera in place
FreeCamera 1/0  - Toggle "Chase Mode" of Camera
Amphibious      - Underwater Breathing Time = +999999.0
Fly             - You feel much lighter
Walk            - Disable both Fly Mode and/or Ghost Mode
Ghost           - You feel ethereal
AllAmmo         - Sets your ammo for all weapons to 999
InfiniteAmmo    - Unlimited Clips
Invisible 1     - Set Player Invisible
Invisible 0     - Set Player Visible
God             - God (Invincible)
Reincarnate     - Toggle Reincarnate Mode
SetJumpZ #.#    - Set Jump Force
SetSpeed #.#    - Set Game Speed (Slow Motion)
SetGravity #.#  - Set Gravity
Loaded          - All Weapons & AllAmmo
AllWeapons      - Get all available weapons for the current mission
PlayersOnly     - Only Human Players can move
Suicide         - Die and lose the current mission
exit or quit    - Exit the Game back to your Operating System
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