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  Hints and Tips for: Heli Attack 2 
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 Heli Attack 2 Cheats

Heli Attack 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Keep moving and firing:
always keep on the move to scatter the enemy shots and continue firing
at all times.

Fire ahead of the helicopter:
Learn how the Heli Attack copter flys and fire ahead of it so it runs 
into your shots.

Hints: Hide from all enemy fire:
When you start, run as far as you can on the map to the right. Once you
get far enough, there is an overhang which protects you from most enemy
fire (except from fire on the far right). Run under the overhang. Press
[Down] just as you hit the wall of the overhang. You will be brought into
a place where you cannot get hit. To remain there you must release [Left]
before [Down]. From here you can do a few things. You can you can remain 
hidden and get down quickly by releasing [Down] before [Left]; stand up 
by releasing [Left] before [Down]; get above the overhang by pressing 
[Down] once standing up; go further into the overhang by pressing [Right];
get down by pressing [Left]; or spaz out by pressing [Up].

Chain firing!:
Submitted by: Gaz

All you do is have your mouse on the screen, then (still holding it down)
move it off the game screen. Whilst it is off the game screen, let go of 
the mouse and then move your mouse (not clicking or holding down!) back 
onto the heli attack 2 game. Your character will be firing automatically,
which is a LOT less to worry about with the machine gun/akimbo macs.

Get underground:
Submitted by: the man

Get an a bomb the go to the overhang then once beneath it fire the a bomb at
the roof and youll be under ground.

Random weapons:
Submitted by: me

While going up on a hyperjump kill the heli and you will get a small bit of ammo 
extra such as 3 shotgun shells or 10 mac-10 shots.

Fire Mine Hint:
Submitted by: Mateo S

If you have fire mines you can go under the overhang and if you aim to your left 
you can throw a fire mine and it will automatically go above the over hang

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