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  Hints and Tips for: Hellfire 
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 Hellfire Cheats


Extra quests and characters:
Create a text file named "command.txt" in the game directory. The file should
 only consist of the following line 

To play the Cow Quest, complete the Church and Catacomb levels, then visit the 
new character that replaces Lester the Farmer. 

To play the Theo Quest, complete the Hive, return to Town and talk to the girl.

The Bard has maximum of 120 strength, 120 magic, 120 dexterity, and 100 vitality.
She can use two swords simultaneously and may hit multiple creatures with a 
sweep attack. The Bard also has the Identify spell as a special ability and has
the same appearance as the Rogue. 

The Barbarian has a maximum 270 strength, 0 magic, 40 dexterity, and 150 vitality.
He can use a two-handed weapon with just one arm and may hit multiple creatures 
with a sweep attack. Although this character class can not cast spells, he has 
some magic resistance. The Barbarian has the capability to temporarily raise 
his stats while in an special enraged state. This character has the same 
appearance as the Warrior. 

Multitest mode enables multi-player play through a network or modem but does 
not support It also does not allow game play in the new dungeon 

More money:
Fill all but one of the spaces in your inventory with items (such as health 
and mana potions). Place 1 gold piece in the remaining free square. Have 5,000
gold on the ground, ready to be picked up. Make sure your inventory is not 
displayed on the screen, then pick up the money. Your character will state 
that he or she can not carry any more. The 1 gold piece in your inventory 
should now be changed to 5,000, with the other gold remaining on the ground.
Repeat this process to get as much gold as needed.

Buy any magic book easily:
Go to Adria's shack and buy whatever magic item that you desire. Save, and 
load the game again. Adria will have restocked her items. Note: The old items
will no longer be there. Make sure you buy the item that you want the most 
when it appears before saving and reloading.

Extra Durability:
Use a Blacksmith's Oil on an item that has full Durability and you will 
receive one point of Durability permanently.

Unlimited Mana:
This trick requires a Staff Of Mana. The sorcerer begins with one. Set the Mana 
recharge ability to a quick key, such as [F5], and any other ability nearby 
(Firebolt, Healing, etc.). Set Mana charge ([F5]) and right click to replenish
your Mana. Immediately after you right-click, change your ready ability to 
another ([F6], [F7], or [F8]). If done correctly, the charge of your staff 
will not have been spent. This trick will make the game easier for the sorcerer,
since you will not have to buy dozens of Full Mana Potions, saving money and 
space for healing potions on the belt and found equipment in your inventory.

Bard, Cows, and Treasure:
First, create a text file named "command.txt" using the Windows NotePad and 
put it in your Hellfire directory. Next, place the following lines in 

multitest cowquest theoquest bardtest barbariantest

This enables the Bard character class, two new quests, and LAN/Modem games 
(without needing the patch).

BARDTEST      : Gives you a Bard character. Looks like the Rouge but can use 2  
                One Handed weapons at the same time.
THEOQUEST     : A little girl should appear in the village. If you complete 
                her quest, she'll give you some treasure.
COWQUEST      : The farmer in the village will be replaced by a cow. Complete
                his quest, and he will give you the "Bovine Armor".
BARBARIANTEST : Gives Barbarian class. He has no magical abilities but can 
                wield two handed weapons in one hand.
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