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  Hints and Tips for: HellSign 
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 HellSign Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Neyreyan

This game is very complex even in this stage and it will get even more complex 
so this is all the information compacted in a simple top 10 tips.

1)Immerse yourself in the game, don't get influenced by the curent state of the 
game. Give it some time and explore at your own pace because it's full of details. 
When you understand all the basic mechanics, advance to the next stage of the game. 
So, learn the map layout, learn to use the first 3 devices to find signs, learn 
how to fight spiders and blood crawlers.

2)Learn how to do the Scounting mission faster, under 10 minutes, about 8minutes 
is a good place. You need better gear, some skills and practice. When you advance 
a lot more, you can do it in about 6 minutes. You have to practice, i am sure you 
have seen a lot of youtubers complaining about the game but that's because they 
didn't play it enough.

3)Try to plan ahead, you have to do some story missions before you get Tier 2 
gear( the guns and bait shop guy will tell you to pay 200$ before you can access 
it). Depending on what class you picked, you can have different objectives. For 
me, it's better armor, sound device, better gun, better devices, better gun etc.
And there are also the skills, i will break them down next. You have to make your 
own objectives so your progression is not broken by long periods of "what do it do".

4)Skills, curently they are a bit broken and there is max level that actually 
break your game because you can't advance. So i will write them in order and wich 
ones do you need more.

Investigation: Treasure Hunter, Audiophile, Keen Sight.
Guns: I suggest you go for pistols in this version of the game, semi-auto pistols 
(not revolvers) Handguns, extra punch or the revolver skills.
Survival: Heavy armor, some people don't like it but hey, it will save your life 
and make your game faster. First aid to be taken very late in the game, among the 
last ones at level 10+.
Subterfuge: Sleight of hand and Counterfeit(most important skill in the game right now).

Here is a rogugh order in wich to take them: Treasure Hunter, Audiophile, Heavy armor, 
Handguns, Counterfeit. Keep in mind that the end goal is to fight poltergeists so you
will have to get Countermeasure and Paranormal peripherals, accesories as well. 
Without Treasure Hunter and Counterfeit you will barely make any money.

5)Right now they are working on veteran Scounting missions but i recommand that you 
farm all the devices on tier 2, a good gun/armor/ and then move to Hunting so you 
can get 1-2 signs and then get out. Remember that the penalty for "dying" or being 
teleported at the last moment by the demon in your back is very high, you lose 
experience, signs and maybe money if you used gear. Don't be afraid to lose a lot 
of missions since with your skills you can get 1000 dollars in a 3 min run on Hunting 
or even 6-7k dollars once you have the gear to fully explore the Hunting.

6)You can experiment with a lot of things and character builds but the archeologist 
seems to be pretty good. Crafting is not that good at the moment but it has some 
uses, keep in mind the game has some limitations but the Nock shotgun if you craft 
it and pair it with a very good semi-auto pistol can be devastating. Geting practice 
is more important than using a specific gear loadout. Here is how the nock shotguns 
works, silly and funny:)

7)Individually break down segments of the game like:

Fighting the small critters.
Fighting the ghoul, fighting 2 ghouls.
Fighting the Spider, the big one.
Fighting the shadows beasts(gorgons) in the shadow dimension and in the house.
Avoiding the various house obstacles.
Geting good with all devices.

Selling signs in such an order to maximase the chance of Counterfeit triggering on 
the most expensive one. Practicing to use 2 signs to unlock the bonus as soon as you 
get them, the next 2 again and even the next 2 again since the Hunting has 9 signs. 
I mean most people will collect more than 2 signs and then use them, the correct way 
would be to use the signs as soon as you get them. And lastly practice sections you 
are bad at.....i am practicing the Spider encounter a lot more, by that i mean i try 
to dodge more, check for weakness and kill it faster without moving too much. Also 
practice memorising a lot, you need to learn the patern of each house and especially 
where your van is.

8)Combat small tips: don't run with enemies in the house, you can trigger other ones 
ghouls are better fought in coridors spiders in more open ares. Heavy armor can help 
negate most of the damage the ball of blood crawlers do, just wait in a safe place for
 them come to you. Medkits are necesary to finish Hunting but can be skiped most of 
the game. The big tentacles from outside are better shot with an auto weapon. You can 
evade all attacks from the telekinesis poltergeist, the one that throws furniture at you.

9)Blackjack is almost not worth it since from what i played the ammount of time you 
need to make more money than you lost is not worth it. But it's an interesting way of 
making money. Money recived from quests can be quite good, too bad there are not many 
quests. Another good way of making money is to do sweeping after you get nice gear and 
do it fast Here is the blackjack and ghoul fighting.

10)The game is still a horror shooter, if you feel bored with it, take it slow and 
listen to all the different sounds you can pick up with the sound device, you can get 
laughing, screaming, creepy girl etc. Same for the other devices. Warning: if you are 
using inferior devices on Hunting they will malfunction, the blacklight will start to 
flicker and it's very scarry.

How to Farm Money:
Written by Smonk Wed

An easier way to farm money from sign without exploiting the game.

Treasure hunter to increase the Money from Signs.
450$ Heat Reader (the Cheapest one).
A Tier 2 Shotgun,SMG with ultra Violet Round in case of Shadow Dimensions.

-=The Plan=-
A Signs in Poltergeist hunting Site is about 200 or more,Stack it with Treasure Hunter 
Skill you will most likely find Signs around 500 more so that mean Every 2 or 5 Min 
you would make Around 800 if you get lucky with 3 Signs you will have around 1000$.

-=The Farming=-
Play the Game while Doing Main Quest at the same time:

Zoe#1: 4 Signs (You should sell the The Most Profit Signs after the First Misson and 
Kept the Low Tier Sign to Give Zoe in order to Maximize your Income).

Zoe#2: Deduct a Phantom.
The Bouncer: 4 Ghouls Meat(Note: You can Complete this Quest and Clear Sweeper with 
only a 40$ Pistol The Steer Burst-Pistole P18 so that mean if you want to maximize 
your income you can just stick to Pistol or a Double Barrel shotgun).

Zoe#3: Learn Advance Ritual (Find Lucky Kenny at the only Porker table).
Kenny: Unlock Enchril and Portergeist Hunting Missions.

Because the Thermal Reader is the only Equipment that don't lose it Signs finding 
consistency so you should use all the left over after Completing the Main Quest till 
now to Buy one for 450$.
Always Choose Poltergeist(House) for the consistent.
Use Your EMF to Read around Entrance (Don't worry about the Signal Disruption. 
It's not that Significant to not know if there is a Sign or not).
Use Condensation Mode (R-Click the Mouse while Using Heat Reader) to Predict the 
Sign around the House Garden because there maybe one.
Going from the Main or back of the House to Access the Main Lobby and Pick up 
Sign From Tendril.
When get Spotted just Run to Save Time (and Signs if you're playing Hardmode).

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