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  Hints and Tips for: Heroes of the Storm 
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 Heroes of the Storm Cheats

Heroes of the Storm

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips:
* MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm are always more fun with friends, so try to 
  gather a group before you jump into the game.
* Completing map objectives should be your first priority. You get fantastic
  rewards for doing so, which can often be the difference between victory and 
* Always pay attention to the mini-map.
* Don't be afraid to retreat if you're heavily outnumbered. Wait for some
  backup before you start to fight.
* Focus on one character at a time. You're not going to learn the intricacies 
  of a single character after a game or two.
* Daily quests are an easy way to earn more guild, and they motivate you to 
  try new characters.
* You don't have to use real money in Heroes of the Storm. Almost everything 
  can be earned with in-game gold, so do your best to earn more of that before
  you open your wallet. Unless you really want to, that's fine too!
* You can try out character before you buy them, which is a great feature. 
  Put it to good use.
* Ultimate abilities unlock at level 10, so try to reach that level as quickly
  as possible. And remember, you level up as a team in Heroes of the Storm.
* Make sure every lane is covered, but don't worry about staying in your
  particular lane at all times. It's not quite as important as other MOBAs 
  like Dota 2.
* You can use pings to communicate with your teammates, whether it's to warn 
  them of an attack or call for backup.

Heroes List:
Abathur (Specialist) 
Anub'Arak (Warrior) 
Arthas (Warrior) 
Azmodan (Specialist) 
Brightwing (Support) 
The Butcher (Assassin) 
Chen (Warrior) 
Diablo (Warrior) 
E.T.C. (Warrior) 
Falstad (Assassin) 
Gazlowe (Specialist) 
Illidan (Assassin) 
Jaina (Assassin) 
Johanna (Warrior) 
Kael'Thas (Assassin) 
Kerrigan (Assassin) 
Li Li (Support) 
The Lost Vikings (Specialist) 
Malfurion (Support) 
Muradin (Warrior) 
Murky (Specialist) 
Nazeebo (Specialist) 
Nova (Assassin) 
Raynor (Assassin) 
Rehgar (Support) 
Sgt. Hammer (Specialist) 
Sonya (Warrior) 
Stitches (Warrior) 
Sylvanas (Specialist) 
Tassadar (Support) 
Thrall (Assassin) 
Tychus (Assassin) 
Tyrael (Warrior) 
Tyrande (Support) 
Uther (Support) 
Valla (Assassin) 
Zagara (Specialist) 
Zeratul (Assassin)

Duck Hunt mini-game:
Click the large trees next to the Monk at the title screen.
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