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  Hints and Tips for: HighFleet 
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 HighFleet Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Make Infinite Money:
Written by Caelum

The trick is simple, but once you know it, understand there is no going back! 
A cheaters path is always paved in the weight of its sins.

Simply go to any town, go to the shipyard, grab your most expensive weapon, rip 
it off your ship, sell it, then click the undo repairs button! Your gear will 
be back in place on your ship, and you will have swindled some poor native out 
of his gold!

How to Create More Save Slots:
Written by Zothen

Guide to Create More Save Slots

If you want more save slots just create new folders in the save folder 
(defaults to ...\Steam\steamapps\common\HighFleet\Saves).

Inside the folder create a file named "profile.seria", open it with a texteditor 
and add+save this:


"m_id=4" indicates the slot number. If you create more adjust that number!
"m_name" is the shown save name

Be careful, it looks funny in the campaign menu.

Infinite Money:
Written by abacus

Get unlimited dosh through editing your save file’s bonus money. 
Applies at the start of the campaign

-=Getting payed=-
Here’s how to get unlimited money in HighFleet in 13 easy steps:
1. Right-click on HighFleet in your steam library.
2. Click on properties.
3. Click on local files.
4. Click browse.
5. Double-click on the Saves folder.
6. Double-click on the Profile_1 folder.
7. Right click on the profile file.
8. Click ‘Open with…’ and double-click Notepad.
9. Press CTRL+F on your keyboard, type in “m_scores=” and press enter.
10. Set value to however much money you want to begin with, numbers with 
    many digits may cause instability in the game.
11. Save the file by pressing CTRL+S, and then close the file.
12. Launch HighFleet. Profile 1 should note your newly inflated score, and the 
    expedition screen will show your acquired funds.
13. Enjoy burning Gerat to the ground with tear-jerkingly expensive ships
-=Troubleshooting/Extra Notes=-
* I’ve only tested increasing the score to 1,000,000. Entering a number too 
  high may cause various issues with your game.
* Playing a campaign with prologue enabled may or may not mess with your funds, 
* The expedition screen’s fund reader only shows up to 999,999. You may still 
  have more than 999,999 dollars, but this is the graphic’s capacity.
* This method has been performed on a Windows 10 OS. Additional steps or different 
  applications may be required on other operating systems to perform.

-=Properly investing=-
How to make any ship design into a flagship:
1. Follow steps 1-4 from the previous section. You have completed this step when 
  you can see the ‘Ships’ folder.
2. Double-click on the Ships folder.
3. Look for the name of your ship. The file will look like ‘shipname.seria’
4. Right click on your ship’s seria file. Click ‘Open with…’ and double-click on Notepad.
5. Press CTRL-F on your keyboard. Type in “m_alignment=-1” and press enter.
6. Press the return key after ‘m_alignment=-1’ so that you open a blank space between 
   ‘m_alignment=-1’ and the line below it.
7. Copy and paste the following text: ‘m_flagship=true’
8. Press CTRL+S to save the file and close it. Now the ship will show up as a flagship 
   in your expedition screen at the start of a new campaign.

How to Get a Long Cursor for Fights:
Written by Fivefold
If you would like to have a longer cursor in fights a simple text edit can do that.
1.Go to your Highfleet game folder (usually steamapps/common/Highfleet)
2.Go to the folder Highfleet/Media/Tex
3.Use a text editor (e.g. Notepad++ or VS Code) to open the file “Midground2.res”
4.Search for the term “sign_arrow”. It should be on line 267

  Animation sign_arrow
   texture = Midground2
   rect = 4075,609,12,87
   hotspot = 6,43
   zorder = 0.000000
   resgroup = 0 
   frames = 1
5.Change the lines shown above to

Animation sign_arrow
   texture = Midground1
   rect = 4091,525,0.6,300
   hotspot = 0,480
   zorder = 0.000000
   resgroup = 0
   frames = 1
6.(Re)start the game. In fights the cursor should now be a long straight line 
  and make it easier to aim

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