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  Hints and Tips for: Hitman 2 
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 Hitman 2 Cheats

Hitman 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Asif Shehzad And Faisal Shehzad
Update by: Grimdoc
Update by: dragnet12
Update by: Boriss Goyhman
Update by: Deep
Update by: Gene Vantreese

Submitted by: Taimoor Baig

Add the: 

"EnableConsole 1"
"EnableCheats 1" 

Lines in the "Hitman2.ini" file in the Hitman 2's main folder to activate the cheats!

CheatCode    Effect 
IOIRULES   - Toggle God Mode 
IOIGIVES   - All Weapons and Items 
IOISLO     - Toggle Slow Motion 
IOIER      - Toggle Bomb Mode 
IOIHITALI  - Toggle Ali Mode 
IOILEPOW   - Toggle Special Attack Mode 
IOIGRV     - Toggle Force of Gravity Mode 
IOINGUN    - Toggle Nail Rifle Mode 
IOIPOWER   - Mega Power 


Code         Result
IOIRULEZ   - God Mode (on/off)
IOIGIVES   - All Weapons and Items
IOISLO     - Slow motion (on/off
IOIER      - Bomb Mode (on/off)
IOIHITALI  - Ali Mode (on/off)
IOILEPOW   - Special attack Mode (on/off)
IOIGRV     - The force of gravity Mode (on/off)
IOINGUN    - Nail rifle
IOIPOWER   - Mega Power 
IOIRULEZ   - Godmode On/Off

Some have noted that you can simply type the codes in while playing 
(with CAPS LOCK on) instead of using the console. If you have an US 
keyboard, just write IOIRULEZ. On any other keyboard the z and y change 
place so you have to type in IOIRULEY. Also, try not to enter them too 
fast. Do it more or less slow. 

Unlock All missions
Open up Hitma2.ini and change the following line 




Start the game and you will get a level select menu, with all the Missions 

Silent Assassin Ranking Awards
First time you get Silent Assassin ranking you will receive "Silenced Ballers".
Second time you get Silent Assassin ranking you will receive "Sawed Off Shotgun". 

Open up your hitman.ini file located in your Hitman directory. 
Add the line 'enableconsole 1' to the file. When playing a mission, hit 
the '~' key. Types any of these codes: 

god 1               - God mode
giveall             - All weapons with max ammo
invisible 1         - Invisibility (0 - off)
infammo             - Infinite ammo 
commands            - List all commands
ip_debug 1          - Debug mode
ip_timemultiplier # - Time multiplier (1 - normal)

Submitted by: Joseph La Manna

Open the Hitman2.ini with any text editor and change this line 
DefaultScene=AllLevels/logos.gms (Should Be The First Line) into 
this line DefaultScene=AllLevels/levelmenu.gms
Then When You Start Up Hitman 2 A Level Selection Prompt Will load Up.

Credit Goes To One Of The Guys In The Forums stonecoldsipper

Submitted by: S.ORANGZEB

May this is a fun or a bug in Hitman 2 silent assisination. By the way the game
did not worked perfect on my computer. On the Mission maybe 3rd or 4th where you
have to free a prisoner, when you free the prisoner he will go to the lift kill 
him after few seconds he will awoke and if you will kill him now he won't die.

Special cheat:
Submitted by: S.ORANGZEB

There is a special cheat in Hitman 2 that will allow you to teleport 47 anywhere
the crosshairs are pointing at the ground. This is very handy to avoid guards, 
skip portions of a level, or to find the perfect sniping spot. You can teleport
anywhere as long as it is a solid, flat surface. You need to be in in 3rd person
mode or using the scope or binoculars, because it doesn't seem to work in first-
person mode.

To enable this cheat, open the "keyboard.cfg" file using "". (notepad 
won't read the file right, as it is an xml file) Add the following lines somewhere
in the middle of the file, between the other entries.

[Mapping Action="CheatMove" Activation="None"]
[Key SCode="K_NEXT" Device="Keyboard"/]

To bind the cheat to another key besides Page Down(as is listed in the
example), replace the "K_NEXT" with "K_*", where * is any uppercase letter.

Submitted by: S.ORANGZEB

Using a copy of the codeblock below, replace "CheatMove" with "CompleteLevel". This
allows you to complete the mission instantly. Also rember to change the key binding
to another key.

Strategy Guide:
Submitted by: jova

Level select:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of 
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "hitman2.ini" file 
in the game folder. Locate the "DefaultScene=AllLevels/logos.gms" entry and 
change it to "DefaultScene=AllLevels/levelmenu.gms". All levels will be marked 
as completed and a level selection menu will be unlocked.

Level skip: 
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "keyboard.cfg" file in 
the game folder. Locate the following group of text:

[Mapping Action="CompleteLevel" Activation="None"] 
[Key SCode="K_NEXT" Device="Keyboard"/] 
Change the "K_NEXT" text to "K_ key]", where [key] is an uppercase letter. 
Begin a game and change to third person view or use the sniper scope or 
binoculars. Press that key and the current level will be marked as completed.

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of 
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "keyboard.cfg" 
file in the game folder. Locate the following group of text:

[Mapping Action="CheatMove" Activation="None"] 
[Key SCode="K_NEXT" Device="Keyboard"/] 
Change the "K_NEXT" text to "K_key]", where [key] is an uppercase letter. 
Begin a game and change to third person view or use the sniper scope or 
binoculars. Press that key and 47 will teleport where the crosshairs are 
on flat solid ground.

Silenced ballers gun: 
Successfully complete a level with a "Silent Assassin" rank to unlock the 
silenced ballers gun.

Sawed-off shotgun:
Successfully complete a level with a "Silent Assassin" rank twice to unlock 
the sawed-off shotgun.

Successfully complete five levels with a "Silent Assassin" rank to get the M4. 
Alternately, successfully complete the Shogun Showdown level with a "Silent 
Assassin" rank. Alternately, successfully complete the St. Petersburg Stakeout, 
Tubeway Torpedo, and Invitation to a Party levels with a "Silent Assassin" rank 
all in one session.

Gun collection: 
Throughout all the levels you will run into many different types of guns. Whenever
you see a gun that you do not already have, pick it up. After you complete the 
level on which you found the gun, the gun will now be available at your house. 
You will have ammunition in the room for you to use if desired. However, there 
are many guns that are too big to carry inside your clothes and therefore must 
be held in the open. You will not be able to pick up a gun of the same size or 
greater without dropping the one you are holding. You will find other guns on 
the same level that you cannot pick up because you are already holding one, and
the gun you want is simply too big to conceal. In this case, you will have to 
decide which gun you want more then finish the level with it. You can always 
replay that level to get the other gun that was left behind.

Anathema: Urinating guard:
Equip a sniper rifle and watch the door directly in front of you. If you watch long 
enough, a guard will appear and walk to the trees on the left side of the door and 
urinate. Do not shoot him too soon or you will miss the funniest part.

Holstered Uzi:
When holding the Uzi, take out the Ballers. The Uzi will be fully holstered, like 
a pistol. 

Homing bullets:
Press [F2] and equip any gun. Aim it at an enemy, slightly far from them. It will 
turn red. Shoot and the bullet will follow the enemy, but only if the aim is red. 
Note: This is useful for locating enemies behind walls.

Hold two pistols at once:
Take out the pistol that you want in your right hand and drop it. Next, take out your 
Ballers and also drop them. Then, take out the pistol you want in your left hand. Pick 
up your Ballers and your gun should switch hands. Finally, pick up the last gun and you 
should be holding two pistols. The sawn-off shotgun can also be used for this.

Running knife attack: 
Change to first person view and use the knife. You can attack while running if you 
press [Attack] many times. 

When at your home area with the shed of guns, you may shoot down the birds either on 
the ground or while they fly in the air. Each bird that is shot will fall to its 
corresponding area and remain there until you leave the level. You can also shoot 
the pigs in their pen.

Submitted by: Chits47

If you believe in increasing the aggresion then kill all the gaurds around the feild. 
After killing all the gaurds then the games will be easier to accomplish it.
If you are the new player for hitman 2 then then it will be easier method you.
If there are no gaurds around you then there will be no one to stop you.
But by this your silent assassin ranking will be deacreasing. 

Submitted by: Deeptak Mazumder

cheat:put diffrent guns in your hands
drop any 2 single ganded guns & 
ballers . now pick up only one single handed gun now pick up
the ballers ,then peck up the
other single ganded you
have put diffrent guns in your
hands,similerly when you have 
to rolod with out reloding 
the gun will get reloded.

Secret - Unlock all missions(easy method):
Submitted by: arghyadeep mondal

From the main menu,load any game you were playing. Then quit the game and come back 
to the main menu. Then click on start. Then click on new game and agree with the 
warning. A difficulty level option will appear. DO NOT choose any difficulty. 
Instead click on back and then click on current game. A list of all the missions 
will appear.

Submitted by: Risheek and Raunak

In the level Terminal Hospitality,after you finish your mission objectives,you 
have to go to the exit point.While going you will reach 2 staircases. Go to the 
left staircase.There you will see a clone Hitman.But if you go near him,he will 
run away from you and go to the locked room.If you try to kill him,he won't die.

M4 assault rifle:
Submitted by: kunal anand

To get the m4 assault rifle in "motorcade interception"put "ioi bomb"cheatcode go 
near UN forces and shoot near them on the ground don't shoot them directly.they will 
die & you can pick up his weapon i.e.M4 assault rifle.

Kill Sergei Without Shooting Him:
In mission "Redemption at Gontranno", you must kill all of Sergei's Bodyguard. 
After you kill all the bodyguard, go back to the locked door. Equip the Fiber Wire
and Kill Him. Fiber Wire will attack through the locked door. Shoot the glass on 
the confession room and You can kill him once again.

Holstered Uzi:
Use your Uzi to shoot someone and then pull out the Ballers. The Uzi will fully 
holstered like a handgun. If u try with Smg it will not happen. I think it is a 
bug or glitch.

Kill The UN Guard:
When in mission "The Motorcade Interception", activate the bomb mode cheat and god 
mode cheat. Then u can shoot the ground to kill the UN guard. Your mission will not
failed because your bullet from the weapon that u fire, not directly hit the UN guard.
If u wanna try just approach behind him and kill him with Fiber Wire. The same thing 
will happen.

Fight the watermelons or pigs:
To fight the pigs, go in the yard where three pigs are kept. You can shoot them with
your guns or whack them with your Fire Axe, Katana Sword or Golf Club. To fight the 
watermelons, go where the training course located. There are three watermelons in 
front of the course. You can shoot them and they will explode.

Secret entrance:
Do all the necessary objectives and go to the second floor of the level. Take the left
set of stairs and turn left. If you look closely, you will see a keyhole. Open the door
and go to the narrow passage. Be careful because there is a bodyguard here. This secret
area contains a W2000 rifle, some sniper ammunition, and guest clothes.

Sneaking past the guard at the elevator:
When you reach the place where the elevator to the second basement is located, save the 
game. To do this trick you do not need the lieutenant's uniform. You need Anesthetic. 
Look at your map and make sure no one is looking towards the elevator and that nobody
is in the room except the guard sitting on the chair. Move behind him, knock him out 
with the Anesthetic (use the whole bottle). Then, take the elevator down. When the 
guards find him, they will only look around and get back to their positions. This is
a safer way to achieve the Silent Assassin rank, as you only fire one bullet (to take 
out the target).

Submitted by: Risheek

In the terminal hospitality level when you finish all the objectives come down through 
the main staircase through which you came inside the hospital in the starting. you will 
see another hitman. Do not follow him because he will go into a locked room and disappear. 
If the door closes and your inside then you will be trapped.

Easter Egg - Dopefish Returns:
Submitted by: BRZR

In the stage: The Jacuzzi Job, you can find, the most prolific character in Easter Egg 
history, Dopefish. It can be found just hanging lazily behind the jucuzzi on a table near
the bed.

Invitation To A Party: Saving the Ambassador:
Go inside the mansion and into the ballroom. Find the tall agent that is by himself next
to the piano. Wait until the Ambassador (as shown in the photo) enters the room to talk 
to the agent about the briefcase inside the safe. After they are done talking, they will
exit the ballroom and the Ambassador will escort the agent to the room with the safe. 
Follow them, but do not get too close. They will enter the room with the safe and will 
talk to each other before the Ambassador opens it. Go inside the room next to the room 
that they are in without looking suspicious. Look inside the keyhole in the room that 
you are in, and you can see the agent pointing a .54 pistol at the Ambassador to kill 
him. Open the door and wait until the Ambassador opens the safe. This is your chance to
take out the agent silently. Take the briefcase inside the safe and exit the room. The 
Ambassador will be directly in front of the table, very scared.

Mission 12 help:
Submitted by: Nicolas R.

Mission 12

The Jacuzzi Job
- Kill Charlie Sidjan
- Steal Money
- Steal Statue

Get to the room to the left of the office where you can find the painting/money. Shut
down the electricity by just standing close and pressing action. Now wait for the office
worker to go away and steal the money. Afterwards just take the statue. Nobody will see 
you in the dark unless you get too close or make too much noise. Now comes the tricky part.
Someone will come to fix the electricity. Use Anaesthetic on him so you can perhaps get 
Silent Assassin Ranking. Then move on towards the target. One shot kill him, after 
avoiding patrolling guards. Run to the elevator and mission accomplished.

Faster Hitman:
Submitted by: Nisheeth Pandey

While wiring (i.e.using the fibre wire to kill someone), giving anesthetic,or changing 
clothes just ckick the map key twice to make it happen instantly.

Urinating guest:
Submitted by: samriddha

In the level "Invitation To A Party" enter the embassy and wait in the entrance hall
between the stairs and face the door in the front. After some time a guest will come out
of the door and will go towards the bathroom.Follow him and enter the bathroom. While he 
urinates move to his side lean over him or just look down at the lavatory seat.
You will see such a funny situation that it will make you die out of laughter.

Easily described way to unlock cheats:
Submitted by: Ayush Sharma

If you dont understand how to unlock cheats then read the following. What you have to do 
is just click on the top part of the folder (written C, D, E, F:/hitman 2-silent assassin) 
add /hitman.ini. A file will automatically come up. Then just type "EnableConsole 1" and 
"EnableCheats 1" anywhere in a list. Then, while playing the game just type any cheat code. 
your cheat will certainly work after doing that!!

Don't Use Sniper Gun!:
Submitted by: Mashnoon731

You should not carry Snipergun. It is to big. There is a an other way: Equip your Binocolour 
the aim the person you want to shoot. Then Hostler the bincolour and equip any of your weapon. 
dont move your mouse after aiming. Then shoot. It will also Do the same as the Sniper gun!

Submitted by: zaraki1267

nailgun 1
god 1
invisible 1

Simply type in the cheat nailgun 1 n if you kill someone his/her hand will get stuck to the 
wall or ceiling.
Note: you must type it in every level u play.

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