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  Hints and Tips for: Half-Life 
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 Half-Life Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: Joshua 

Start Half-Life using "hl.exe -console". You may do this by modifying the 
windows shortcut properties for Half-Life and adding "-console" to the end
of the "Target" (or file to run). The /GIVE command works if you start the 
game with the -dev -console parameter, and that the God mode cheat and map 
change cheat only work with the -console parameter.

This will let you access the console using "~" key. You may have to type 
"sv_cheats 1" in console first. The following commands are available in console:

Code           Effect
/fly         - flying mode
/GOD         - god mode. 
/NOCLIP      - walk through walls/fly. 
IMPULSE 101  - Give all weapons and ammo.
/MAP xxxx    - go to map xxxx. Map names are of the format c#a#, 
               (c1a1, c2a1, etc). 
               See the map list for names of all levels. 
/GIVE xxxx   - give item xxxx. The following items are available: 




Single Player Maplist:
c0a0 ; c0a0a ; c0a0b ; c0a0c ; c0a0d
c0a0e ; c1a0 ; c1a0a ; c1a0b ; c1a0c
c1a0d ; c1a0e ; c1a1 ; c1a1a ; c1a1b
c1a1c ; c1a1d ; c1a1f ; c1a2 ; c1a2a
c1a2b ; c1a2c ; c1a2d ; c1a3 ; c1a3a
c1a3b ; c1a3c ; c1a3d ; c1a4 ; c1a4b
c1a4d ; c1a4e ; c1a4f ; c1a4g ; c1a4i
c1a4j ; c1a4k ; c2a1 ; c2a1a ; c2a1b
c2a2 ; c2a2a ; c2a2b1 ; c2a2b2 ; c2a2c
c2a2d ; c2a2e ; c2a2f ; c2a2g ; c2a2h
c2a3 ; c2a3a ; c2a3b ; c2a3c ; c2a3d
c2a3e ; c2a4 ; c2a4a ; c2a4b ; c2a4c
c2a4d ; c2a4e ; c2a4f ; c2a4g ; c2a5
c2a5a ; c2a5b ; c2a5c ; c2a5d ; c2a5e
c2a5f ; c2a5g ; c2a5w ; c2a5x ; c3a1
c3a1a ; c3a1b ; c3a2 ; c3a2a ; c3a2b
c3a2c ; c3a2d ; c3a2e ; c3a2f ; c4a1
c4a1a ; c4a1b ; c4a1c ; c4a1d ; c4a1e
c4a1f ; c4a2 ; c4a2a ; c4a2b ; c4a3

boot_camp ; bounce ; datacore
lambda_bunker ; snark_pit
stalkyard ; subtransit ; undertow

Hazard Course:
t0a0 ; t0a0a ; t0a0b ; t0a0b1
t0a0b2 ; t0a0c ; t0a0d

Killing the last boss: 
When you get to the level "World's Collide" you will be close to the head boss.
The head boss is called a Gene Worm,and to kill him you must shoot his eyes out
with the 2 mounted laser guns. When both eyes are shot out his stomach will 
open up and a large,pink,orb will show. Repeatedly shoot the orb until his eyes
come back and then repeat the steps of shooting his eyes and the orb until he 

Opponents ignore you:
Enable Cheat mode. Then press ~ (tilde) and enter "/notarget" at the console

Secret Scientist Message:
Submitted  by: Mike

Start Half-Life with the following parameters: Hl.exe -console -toconsole -dev

You should see a constant flow of text for everything you do. Use a low damage
weapon on a scientist, and then run after him. Once he is trapped somewhere 
click the 'Use' key on him. The text should say something like "I won't follow 
you, you evil man".

Submitted by: Thich hiep dam

Are you want to creat second server machine .Easily. 
On the server machine type: /rcon_password [your password]. 
Then on your machine type /rcon_password [same password].
Now, your machine is the second server. 
But note: when you type a code, 
you have to type: /rcon befor it
example: /rcon changelevel cs_italy

Buy everything quickly in half-life:
Submitted by: Nguyen Duy Tien

You can Type in Console.
/bind enter "buy;menuselect 8;menuselect 2;buy;menuselect 8;
menuselect 3;buy;menuselect 8;menuselect 4;buy;menuselect 3;
menuselect 1;buy;menuselect 6"
And then you click enter.

Submitted by: Nguyen DuyTien

If you want to "Say" jumping or firing .You can type 2 line command like this :
bind mouse1 "+attack;say "The content you want to say "
or bind mouse2 "+jump;say "The content you want to say "

Submitted by: Victor
Half life Conter-strike 1.6

For this to work you have to be ct. then buy a shield "b 8-8" then buy a he 
granade "b 8-4" then activate the granade but do not throw it yet,now buy as 
much weapons as you can buy ammo u have to throw the shield and when 
u buy the ammo pick the shield up by walking throu it.

Submitted by: Evan

If u r having trouble with Gornach then this is what u do. first u shoot her 
for a while then she will run. follow her into the cave.then when u get out 
into the open run out of the cave and into the hole but careful becuz there 
is only 3 places u can land. 1 of them has a healing pool in it, 1 of them 
has a thing that jumps u high, and 1 had nothing. stay there out on the ledge 
and she will come by a few times. when she does shoot her! she will run eventually.

Then u will drop down into a place that is very queer. go behind the big arch 
in the bottom(u will c what i mean) and hide there. she might shout out a few 
babies but if u hold crouch and go under the arch a lil bit they cant hert u. 
then keep shooting at her, eventually she will fall in with u but u might just 
have 2 shoot her a few times. good luck :)

Interlooper, hidden med-kits, health and ammo:
In the 3rd part of 'Interlooper' , where you see a Garg (a huge monster who can 
burn you) crushing rocks ans stones to be able to pass through, there will be a 
small hole behind. When you enter it, you will find a small waterfall, and plenty 
of water on the floor. When you step into it, your health will recover gradualy.
Before entering the hole, look in the direction where the Garg crushes the huge 
rocks. You should be able to see a sort of staircase, but smoother than a staircase. 
In fact, it can be described as a slope. It'll be on the left, stuck to the wall. 
Climb on it, and when on top, look to the right. you'll see a tiny lighted room 
with med-kits and ammunition packs in it. Duck, and crawl into it.

Best way to escape barnacles:
If you get trapped by a barnacle (those things with the long, sticky strings 
hanging down), quickly pull out your crowbar and attack the creature to kill 
it in one hit. Don't try this if the barnacle is on a high ceiling, though, as 
you'll take quite a bit of damage from the fall. You can also equip your crowbar 
and allow yourself to get dragged up to kill the barnacle and save some ammunition.

Hidden room:
After you shoot the missle in single player mode, turn on no clip, and chase it. 
But let it go completly out first then leave. As soon as you get out of the area, 
turn off noclip, and turn on your flash light. You are now in a hidden room.

Monster creation:
You must be within the loading area of the desired monster for this cheat to work. 
For example, you cannot load up Barney while fighting the Nihilanth. Enter give 
 and the corresponding monster will appear. 
Note: Activate the /noclip first, or you will be stuck inside the monster. 

- People: 

- Monsters: 

- Corpses:

Zoom on every weapon:
Get the Crossbow in single player mode and do a quick save with the weapon that you
want to zoom in with. Change to the Crossbow and zoom in, then quick load and your 
other weapon will be zoomed in. You can now change weapons and they will all be 
zoomed in. To come out of zoom, change back to the Crossbow and press the second 
fire button until it zooms out again.

Look inside G-Man's briefcase:
To look inside G-Man's briefcase, first enable the noclip code. There are two ways to
do this trick. The first is to start from the beginning and ride the train until you 
see the G Man for the first time. He should be in a train next to the one you are in
towards the end of the ride, by the radioactive water. The other way is to go through
the train ride, then walk around the halls of the laboratory to find him talking to
a scientist. When you do this, go towards the G-Man. Get as close as possible to his
briefcase without going through it (this make require a few attempts). In one side,
there is paper, three pencils and a pistol. On the other side is a computer with a 
message and a picture of the G-Man. Note: When doing this where the G-Man is talking
to the scientist, you will not be able to understand what the two are saying.

Cheat in Multiplayer Mode:
Submitted by: Pavan Anekal

It is simple in multiplayer. first enable consoles. then in multiplayer either LAN or 
Online create a game and put "SV_CHEATS 1". Then press Esc and create once again and 
Text as "IMPULSE 101". you will get all weapong,armour in a second. if you continous 
in that you will get more.

Defeating Gargantua:
It is possible to kill Gargantua when you meet him again in the parking lot. Immediately
as you walk into the parking lot in the Incoming section of the game unload all your 
missile launcher ammunition, at least six grenades, and four Tau Cannon charged shots,
and how clip from a combat rifle to kill him.

Defeating the Gene Worm:
When you reach the "World's Collide" level you will be close to the head Boss, a Gene 
Worm. To kill him you must shoot his eyes out with the two mounted laser guns. When both
eyes are shot out. his stomach will open up and a large pink orb will appear. Repeatedly 
shoot the orb until his eyes come back. Then, repeat the steps of shooting his eyes and 
the orb until he dies.

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