Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 
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 Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Cheats

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Nitin Singh Verma

Alternate jumping:
Instead of using [Shif + [Ctrl] for jumps, use [Al + [Ctrl] for a hidden jump worth
extra points.

Extra points:
Do multiple tricks, then try to land and drive backwards for major trick points. 
If you get enough, there will be a fireworks display at the end of the practice session.

Getting cars:
One way is to hold [Shif + [Ctrl] to do a barrel roll. Another way is get a good stunt. 
To get the rest of the cars, click on the trophy and at least get to the last race.

Secret track:
Enter the practice race screen (with the checkered flags) after unlocking all the tracks. 
Move the pointer over one of the letter "T"'s in the word "Mattel" on the "Hot Wheels 
Mattel" screen. Hold the Right Mouse Button to access a 3-D world. You do not have to 
pick a race -- just click the green arrow and pick your car. Click "Go" and you will be 
on a bonus track. This procedure must be repeated after the race ends if you wish to do 
it again.

Cheat mode:
Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function on 
a custom track.

Key       Effect 
L       - Toggle headlights 
W       - Toggle scenery or almost total darkness 
C       - Instant crash 
[Space] - Use horn

Monster Van:
Go to the swamp level and press [Up], [Left], or [Right]. 
Be careful when landing. 

Green Van:
Note: This trick requires a game controller. Go to the garden level. Go sideways while 
pressing 3 + 4 on the controller. Listen for a gunshot and try to do four of these moves.

Tydied Van:
Note: This trick requires a game controller. Go to the beach level. Go sideways while 
pressing 3 + 4 on the controller. Listen for a gunshot and try to do four of these 

Secret track:
After completing all the timed tracks, advance to the practice track menu where you can
choose a track. Looking at the background picture, point to the letter "A" in the word 
"Mattel" that is on the red seal. Right click on the "A". If done correctly, you will 
hear the music change to a space theme. When you hear the music, click on the green "Go"
button as you would to play a normal track after selecting it. Choose any car desired. 
Then, click the green "Go" button to race on the Space track.

How to Unlock Each Car:
Most of the cars are unlocked by playing through the championship, and the rest 
are unlocked through stunts. Here's how I personally unlocked each:

Unlockable                                   How to Unlock
Black Racecar (Super Modified)             - Do some barrel rolls 
                                             (hold shift or ctrl in the air).
Blue and White Car (Sol-Aire CX-4)         - Do some flips in the air, around 6 or 7 or so.
Blue Racecar with Spoiler (Hot Wheels 500) - Beat the Attic Level in the Championship.
Golden Car (Twinmill)                      - Beat the Sand Castle Level in the Championship.
Orange Car (Way 2 Fast)                    - Beat the Kitchen Level in the Championship.
Purple Car with Orange Roof (Slideout)     - Do SEVERAL flips in the air. I recommend using the
                                             wagon car since its flips are extremely fast.
Purple Car with Spoiler (Shadow Jet)       - Beat the Greenhouse Level in the Championship.
Purple Rocket Car (Power Rocket)           - Beat the Bedroom Level in the Championship.

Changing the Engine Sound:
Submitted by: Jerome

This is a strange glitch I found myself when playing the game. 
If you want to know how, I'll tell you:

You choose any race (preferably Practice Mode) and any car for this glitch, 
then you use the mouse to move a 4 striped cursor (rapid in circles). 
It does not matter what car you use, but if done correctly, you should not only 
hear the engine sound changing, but other sounds as well!

The sound will change in the following:

Track 1: Living room
Engine: Dog
Drift: Low pitched dog
Scratch: TV broken by HW (hot wheels) car (warning: extremely loud when multiplied)

Track 2: Bed room
Not yet Found

Track 3: Greenhouse
Engine: Dragonfly
Drift: Unknown
Scratch: Unknown

Track 4: Attic
Engine: Mouse
Drift: Unknown
Scratch: Unknown

Track 5: Sand Castle
Engine: Random Booms and Crashing Sounds
Drift: Booms & Crashes
Scratch: More Bs & Cs

Track 6: Casino
Not yet found

Note: This Occurs very randomly. So be lucky

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