Hot Wheels Micro Racers Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Hot Wheels Micro Racers 
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 Hot Wheels Micro Racers Cheats

Hot Wheels Micro Racers

Cheats v1.0:
by Codemaster/GENiEBEN

Cheats   | Result           |How to use it
allcars  | access all cars  |type it over select car menu
nocars   | -unknown-        | -unknown-
alldif   | -unknown-        | -unknown-
nodiff   | -unknown-        | -unknown-
keys     | -unknown-        | -unknown-
nokeys   | -unknown-        | -unknown-
onelap   | drive only 1 lap |type it over flag
manylaps | drive 3 laps     |type it over flag

If you manage to see what the -unknown- cheats do or where should 
they be typed, pls leave a mail at  THANKS! 

Unlock all vehicles:
Submitted by: Umer

Take on ro two players. Goto car selection and choose 
unlock car and type allcars. All cars will be there.

Finding secret car pieces: 
-=Star Castle=-
The first piece in the Sand Castle level is at the starting line. 
Go under the flag and turn around. You will see a large beach ball. 
Enter the opening between the ball, the sand castle, and the starting 
line. The second piece in the level is immediately after the large red 
shovel jump. Go over it and turn around. Enter the snorkel. The third 
piece immediately follows the shovel jump. You will go between two small 
sand towers. You will see some starfish on the left wall. Turn around to 
face the two towers again. The one on the left has the final star.
The stars on the Office level are a lot easier to find. The first is 
immediately after the first fork in the road. Follow the right path and 
go straight. Enter the small door or opening in between the books and the 
computer. The second piece is immediately after the Hotwheels bridge. Go 
slow through the left hand turn immediately after that bridge. Enter 
another small opening in the books on the left. The third piece immediately 
follows the second fork in the road. Take the right path at the fork and go 
slowly forward. Enter the hole in the yellow pencil box on your left. 

The Bedroom level is the hardest place to find the stars. Immediately after 
the starting line is a green snake on the left. Go into its mouth to find the 
first star. The second is on the train tracks. The train will enter a green 
bridge on the left -- go into it. The third is the hardest to find. Immediately 
after the dartboard jumps with the checkered floor you will go through a broken 
tennis racket. Go through it slowly. Go slowly over the jump and turn around. 
Enter the a hole on the left.

Submitted by: rickHH

* You'll need the extra speed boost of your turbo to successfully hurdle many
of the game's jumps and thereby avoid the ignominy of falling from a table 
or desktop. Learn the course and ensure that your turbo has recharged 
sufficiently by the time you reach each of these jumps. 

* The desktop fan found near the beginning of the Office track is undoubtedly
the most effective of Micro Racers' few animated hazards; it blows you right 
off the desk and onto the floor if you drive past it when it's active. To 
avoid the pitfalls of this most dastardly device, steer for the small corridor 
between the book and the edge of the table, where you'll be safe from the 
potential windstorm. 

* When racing the Bedroom course, make a hard right just past the start when 
you see the building blocks this is a great shortcut that shaves seconds off 
your time. And never, ever make contact with that toy train unless you enjoy 
the prospect of being blown up.

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