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  Hints and Tips for: Human: Fall Flat 
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 Human: Fall Flat Cheats

Human: Fall Flat

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

While playing the game, press tilde key (` or ~ the key above TAB) 
to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes
and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Code               Effect
climbcheat       - Activates Climbing Cheat
Note: If you use cheats you will not get achievements.

Console Commands:
Written by Pew Pew
This guide will tell you how to access the console and all of the known commands.
Opening the console

To open the console you need to press ` which is located to the left of 1 on 
a keyboard.

climbcheat – activates climbing cheat
Note: If you use cheats you will not get achievements.

Multiplayer commands
Note: Need to be written into chat not console.

If you are the lobby leader in Multiplayer you can use these commands:

/list: shows all the players on the server
/kick (playername): kicks the player
/mute (playername): mutes the player
General commands
Jump to Checkpoint

Enter L, then level number 0-7, then checkpoint number without spaces and press 
Enter to jump to specific location in the game.

1st Person Camera
FPS+Enter – Switch to experimental FPS mode.

In game you can press * (multiplay at numpad) it will start capturing frames. 
Pressing * again will stop capturing and enter play mode. 

In play mode you have the following shortcuts:

* Left arrow – rewind
* Right arrow – forward
* Shift left/right – fast forward/rewind
* Space – play/pause
* Shift+Space – reverse play

[ and ] – change camera zoom (e.g. fall animation)
Comma, Period – increase decrease fog density 
(more isometric shots would look desatured without this)
F6 – freeze/unfreeze time (to capture a still)
F7 – toggle fullscreen camera in COOP mode
F8 – enter FreeRoam camera mode – enables moving camera and capturing keyframed 
     camera animations
Ctrl+Shift+T – slow-motion – time becomes 2x slower
Ctrl+Shift+R – frame video capture (will slow game time to export PNGs)

Free-Roam Camera
Once in the free-roam camera the following shortcuts are enabled to control the camera:
* WASD – move around
* Q – up and Z – down
* Mouselook – look around
* Mousewheel – change FOV

Key Frame
* 1-9 – Create regular keyframe at current recorder frame 
  (remembering camera world position and rotation)
* Shift 1-9 – Create targeted keyframe looking at human (stores camera world position, 
  camera rotation will be set to look at the human – it might get shaky with fixed 
  camera looking at jumping human)
* Ctrl 1-9 – Create human keyframe (camera position relative to human is remembered)
* 0 clear keyframes

You can mix and match all three types of keyframes (regular, targeted, human).
Without recorder you are limited to 2 keyframes (1 & 2), pressing space will 
interpolate those 2 using a 10 second animation.

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