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  Hints and Tips for: Hunt: Showdown 
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 Hunt: Showdown Cheats

Hunt: Showdown

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Tips & Tricks:
* Generators are used to light up specific areas (not so useful in 
  daytime but the sound of the generator can be a great distraction).
* Windows and doors can be destroyed using melee attacks. The axes 
  and sledgehammers you can pick up will destroy doors in one hit, 
  even barricaded ones.
* Speaking of doors, shooting a door can cause it to swing open. 
  On top of this, if you sprint at a door with a charged melee, you 
  will open it much faster and are able to essentially run into a 
  room without waiting for it to fully open.
* Doors with a plank near them can be barricaded.
* Doors open quieter if you open them whilst crouching.
* Any lanterns on the map that you can turn on and off (not ones 
  you can pick up) can be shot and will explode, having the same 
  effect a firebomb does. This works really well with lanterns 
  that are suspended, as they will fall and damage anyone underneath.
* If you melee an armored zombie in the legs, it will break their 
  leg armor off, causing them to charge at you much slower.
* Red barrels explode when shot, and yellow barrels burst on fire 
  when shot.
* Flares can be put out by being melee’d or shot.
* The dogs inside the kennels can be shot and killed, but not melee’d.
* You can climb inside chicken kennels!
* Firebombs will kill crows (Still makes noise but interesting).
* Crouching through any hanging chains or broken glass/cans will 
  produce little to no noise.
* At a resupply point, nobody can take ammo from a box that has 
  already been opened.
* You can catch a downed player on fire to prevent them from 
  being revived.
* There is a small amount of bullet penetration in the game, meaning 
  you can shoot enemies through wood and sheet metal.
* When hives are killed their locusts will die as well.
* You can use first aid kits to heal your partner.
* Text chat can be seen by enemy players if they are close, similar 
  to how you can hear players using voice chat if you are a short 
  distance from them.

Suspicious Stuff to Be on Lookout in a Match:
Written by SoD Thekillergreece

Guide for the Hunt Showdown, what to be on lookout for, etc.

Hunters in game are usually on full alert at all times to make sure they wont 
get ambushed by any creature or even other rival hunters. Indeed, rival Hunters 
are never your priority to hunt but you will have to eliminate them when you have 
the opportunity to do so orthewise they will eliminate you if you wont eliminate 
them first.

The following list lists all suspicious stuff that you must be careful or check 
them out if absolutely required.

-=Suspicious Stuff=-
Dead Horses - Do not confuse them with "already" dead horses. This is about horses 
that were severely wounded by the creatures and are crying in pain when approached 
by a Player. If you notice a horse in an area that was alive but you do not kill it 
and leave the area and you come back to the same area and find the horse not 
responding to your presence anymore then it means a Player killed the horse and may 
still be around your location. Take extra caution and listen for sounds. This is 
uncommon occurence. 
Birds not in area - Most areas have fixed locations of birds to spawn. If an area you 
know very well does not have any birds then a Player recently spooked them and may 
still be around. This is common occurence. 
Dead dogs and chickens - Dogs and chickens are not dead initially and if found dead, 
a Player may still be around as they killed them. This is a rare occurence though as 
most Players leave the animals aside. 
Zombies not in an area - Zombies are literally everywhere and if there are no zombies 
in the surroundings of a barn then it's likely a Player killed them and is still around. 
This is a very common occurence. 
Partially or fully looted ammunation caches - If a cache is partially open (partially 
looted) or fully open (fully open) then a Player took ammo and may still be around the 
area. This is an uncommon occurence though. 
Empty medkits - Similar to ammunation caches. Uncommon occurence. 
Dead Hunters - Deceased Hunters' bodies wont vanish like the monsters do. They stay 
permanently on map until the round ends. So, if you see a dead hunter on ground be on 
extra alert as it can be an indication a deadly gunfight happened recently and the 
killer may still be around. Especially if the area is empty from monsters.

-=What to Be on Lookout For=-
Gunshots - If you hear gunshots, take cover and keep it quiet and meassure where the 
gunshot came from and how loud it was. Is it close or far? Did it come from south or 
east? What weapon was it? Rifle or Karabiner? If far, you may feel free to move freely 
again but be on alert in case the Hunters are around. If it was close, absolutely be 
careful and be ready to pull the trigger. Hunters are no joke. Every player will meet 
this dilhemma so think accordingly. 
Crying pain of a horse, crows flying away, dogs barking and chicken sounds - Keep in 
mind: Only Hunters can trigger them, monsters cannot trigger those events. So if you 
hear either of the above and was not caused by you or your teammate then a Hunter is 
definitely around so be on alert. 
Doors at buildings - A common mistake Hunters tend to do is leave the door of a house,
 barn or any building, open. This is always an indication that a Hunter was recently 
here or is still here.

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