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  Hints and Tips for: Idle Heroes: Odyssey 
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 Idle Heroes: Odyssey Cheats

Idle Heroes: Odyssey

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Effectively Farming Guide For Mine & Forest:
Written by davidvandragon

-=Effectively Farming Mine/Forest=-
EDIT: changes where added to the guide since a new passive skill is requiered 
for VERSION 0.8.8 - Still works with VERSION 0.8.10

So i decided to create a little guide on how you guys can maximize your farming ability 
inside the Mine/Forest.

The Basic Idee: You want to farm the mine/forest as fast as possible, since the mine as 
well as the forest drops essential items for upgrading your gear and/or heroes. But both
 the ores as well as the elfs have ALOT of def and, depending on the level of the mine/
forest, alot of HP. So we want a stragedy to kill either of them as fast as possible.

-=First Things First=-
First: You need at least Tavern level 4 for it, since this will unlock the hero “Jessie”

Second: It will requiere some time to get to the point where you can maximize this stragedy 
(there are several stages to this guides effectiveness like missing items or not being able 
to utilize the Thunder Chop skill)

Third: Only use Jessie in formation to finish the fights WAY quicker. More heroes = more 
turns before the enemy
can act. In case that the “Flame Gem” gets fixed (is supposed to add burn on yourself) 
just take a healer with you, that will heal Jessie when requiered (make sure the healer 
does not have any way to attack and does not run out of energy)

What do we need to max out our farming here?

* Hero “Jessie” (Tavern lvl 3)
* Weapon “Poisoned Dagger” (Equipment Shop – Build (need to build a few weapons first
  for it to show up))
* Weapon “Tearing Dagger” (Exchange from Merchant for 2500 Dragon Crystals)
*Accessoire “Flame Gem” (Randomly from Merchant Chest)
* Jessie level 50+ (works with level 1+ as well, just not as good)

-=How To=-
Stragedy: You want to try and bypass the defense of ores/elfs, since they take little 
damage but have alot of HP. Therefor you want to focus yourself on taking them down with 
DOTs (Damage over Time). This build is ideal for this (and also most of the bosses so far) 
since, at level 50 Jessie and with all the requiered items, you can kill any ore/elf, no 
matter their level, in a maximum of 2 attacks.

How? Easy! With both Daggers, the Flame Gem as well as the skill “Thunder Chop” paired 
with “Thunder Chop – Master+” (requieres passive “Shadow of Blue Thunder lv3” (lvl 50)) 
AND “Thunder Chop – Multiple+” you are able to get with a single attack 9 DOTs, 3 different 
DOTs with their maximum of stack amounts (max 3) which translates to 54% HP lost whenever 
the enemie acts. Bleed takes 4% HP per stack, Posion takes 6% HP per stack and Burn takes 
8% HP per stack. NOTE: Since Version 0.8.8 Thunder Chop now also adds 3 stacks of Paralysis 
(not a DOT) with this guide.

Additional: The passive “Thunder Chop – Master+” is absolutly necessary to reduce the 
energy cost to 1 (unlimited farming). It is also recommended to have atleast 110 Energy 
and Castle Buff “Camp Restoration” (Unlocks at Castle level 3) at level 10 to not run out 
of energy due to changes with with Version 0.8.8

Should your Jessie not be level 50 yet, then simply just keep using his “Stab” skill, 
since it will still cause up to 6 DOTs with a single attack (kills an enemy in max 3 turns 
starting at mine/forest level 3-4). Also give Jessie “HIT up” passive and/or HIT+ props 
when he misses quiet a few of attacks.

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