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  Hints and Tips for: I. M. Meen 
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 I. M. Meen Cheats

I. M. Meen

1. Meen may pop up from time to time (in animated vids much like the intro)
while you roam the dungeon; the only real effect his taunting you has is to
possibly startle you (and the Pets he speaks of are always on the fourth level
of the dungeon, which also have the friendly gnome in front of your cell to 
remind you of their presence in case you don’t know/forgot that there was going
to be a Pet on the level [and these Pets are basically bosses for each section
of the dungeon]).

2. As you’ve noticed, the 10 year old main character’s fists make for the most 
used and most useful weapon (since there’s not a whole lot of items in the dungeon,
and all of them [save one that doesn't show up until the end] have a limited number
of uses before they dissappear), though you tend to take a bit of damage from 
meleeing most of your battles this way. You can, however, increase the reach of 
your fists (and thus reduce the damage you take) by turning diagonally and punching
on the side closest to the place where the monster is coming towards you. It’s not 
an incredible boost but it is enough to get a few shots in (enough to dispatch ants,
grim reapers, and trolls) before the bad guys can take a swing at you. This of course
works best in corridors or around corners, which fortunately you’ll be fighting in 
most of the game (AFAIK, at least…)

3. There are two things in the tower area (levels 1-4) you’ll run across; push 
buttons and Meen faces. Push buttons are the weird white slabs with a black border
around them that you might find around the dungeon (you should be able to find at 
least one while wandering through the levels); push them and you’ll be rewarded 
with a new passageway (most of the time these contain goodies, sometimes they have
goodies and enemies, and other times they just open another path to a different part
of the level). Meen faces work in a similar fashion, and it seems unless they are 
truly side-by-side all you have to do is right-click the earring to get the ‘good’
result from them (as opposed to the bad result which is health ’Agility’awakeness 
reduction or being transported back into your cell).

Healing items:
Power Potions (which are like small medkits) and Stealth Sneakers (which are like 
large medkits). You can find a power potion on the first level if you look around,
and also a pair of sneakers if you solve the wall puzzle correctly (this consisting
of pulling the correct earring on two side-by-side pictures of Meen). 
Also, the enemies are actually making you tired, not killing you 
(Get hit down to about 1/4 of the red bar, then watch the portrait; the kid will 
[sooner or later] start yawning). This is so that when you run out of waky-wakyness
(or ‘Agility’ as they put it in the manual), you can be thrown back into your special
cell like the obedient prisoner you ought to be (this cell being the area where you 
begin the current level, obviously). No, I have no idea what agility has to do with 
staying awake, nor do I know what staying awake has to do with getting hit by a spiked
club. Just know that when I was at that tender age when game logic isn’t questioned I 
had some fun with it and that it still holds a (very quirky) place in my heart leading
me to still want to try and finish it (which I probably won’t anytime soon, since I’ve
run across many, many other games that demand my attention more forcefully).

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