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  Hints and Tips for: Increlution 
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 Increlution Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat Guide:
Written by Wheelz

These instructions refer to the game version from November 10, 2021, use/
reconstruction is entirely at your own risk! I assume no liability for 
damage of any kind, nor can I guarantee the functionality!
I recommend creating a backup copy of the corresponding file before 
manipulation (if this was not done and the file was damaged, it can 
be deleted and then restored using the Steam error check)
The file to be manipulated is called "gniller-min.js" and is
located in the Steam directory under:
The file can be edited with Notepad or a comparable text editor.
First, search the file for the first piece of text 
"['health']=new Decimal(0x5)" and change the 0x5 to 0xffff
As a result, berries always give full life (65535 HP) when consumed.
...the other foods can be found by searching for:
"new Decimal(0x14)" (fish)

"new Decimal(0x23)" (apple)
"new Decimal(0x3c)" (rabbit)
"new Decimal(0x50)" (Hering)
"new Decimal(0x64)" (bread)
"new Decimal(0x96)" (pie)
"new Decimal(0x12c)" (boar)
"new Decimal(0x1F4)" (crab)
"new Decimal(0x258)" (coconut)
"new Decimal(0x320)" (banana)
"new Decimal(0x5dc)" (goat)
"new Decimal(0xbb8)" (vulture)
"new Decimal(0xfa0)" (Moss)
"new Decimal(0x1388)" (eel)
"new Decimal(0x1d4c)" (cookie)
"new Decimal(0x2710)" (orange)
"new Decimal(0x30d4)" (lobster)
The first search result in a row (after the berries there is sometimes no ['health'] 
in front of it) as with the berries, replace the respective value 0x## in the brackets 
with 0xffff. 
I hope that I was able to explain it clearly and wish you a lot of fun with this little cheat.

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