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  Hints and Tips for: Infernax 
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 Infernax Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Game Wizard Codes:
Written by Thundereagle

Here you can find all game wizard codes.

Code       Effect
ALEXKOLE – 99999 Gold.
SEPPINOT – Infinite Jumps.
NINPIOUS – Invincibility.
TEYETPAX – Jetpack.
UNKLZXXG – Infinite mana.
ATPGNING – Over the top gore.
PAINSAVV – Chainsaw Mode.

-=Where to Use the Game Codes=-
The book is in the area after you fight the werewolf at night. 
All the way to the right, ground level.

Option menu can enable the code too. 
And then use the save statue to input the code.

How to get the “Redemption” ending:
Written by Duskton

There’s a guide on how to get the redemption ending (and free will sacrifice) 
already but it’s in Spanish, so I translated the guide into English, I hope 
the guide helps you as much as it did for me. If you have a issue.

-=Main Section=-
* Help PAIMON, the villager who turns into a monster.
* COMPLETE all five castles, without activating or following any of the side 
activities. Just complete the castles and collect everything that helps you on 
your adventure. Especially teleportation magic, which will allow you to speed 
up the process.
* Now activates the secondary ones in DARSOV, both the one of the guards that 
are in the base, and the one of Josephine in the INN.
* COMPLETE the barn secondary, but when you exit the building, use lightning 
magic to set it on fire. Do not go to the guard to communicate the end of the 
mission yet.
* Go to the area where the Hermitage lives, at the beginning of the game and 
tell him that you will burn all the villages. Then, proceed to burn ALL the 
* Go to the wanderers’ camp and accept the secondary activity of destroying 
the HOLY BOOK. Then go to the DARSOV church and destroy the book that is on 
the altar.
* Go to Arkos and talk to Phillipe at the Inn for the password. Go to the cult 
hideout at the top of Arkos and give them the password. Take on the sideline of 
killing handsome Hans. He also talks to the cult leader and accepts the mission 
to kill Jarvis. But DO NOT kill either of them…yet.
* By this point, you will have done everything necessary to be “bad”. Now we 
must tip the scales to goodness: remove the skeleton that haunts Josephine in 
Darsov. Kill the bandits on the bridge, spare Handsome Hans’s life, and finally 
turn in the missions at the Darsov base.
* Also, complete Michael’s quest in Kastki (world of dreams), and eliminate the 
skeleton that haunts Caroline in her mother’s house. Kick the bums out of the 
camp and donate some of your profits to the poor (NOTE: at this point you may 
not be able to leave a donation because the exorcism side quest has been 
* Go to Arkos and eliminate the man who asks you to destroy the dam. That should 
be enough for the soldiers at the Arkos base to ask you to save Wilfred and spy 
on the cult.
* Said and done, go save Wilfred using a potion and return to the cult base on 
top of Arkos. Talk to the cult leader, then head back to the soldiers’ base on 
Arkos to deliver the good news.
* Before finishing, go to the first house in Arkos to find Jarvis (the soldier 
with the halberd) and use teleportation magic to bring him to the cult and perform 
the initiation rite. You are now officially a member of the bad guys club.
* Lastly, go to the castle whose entrance required you to destroy all five gems 
in order to enter and defeat the basic boss.

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