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  Hints and Tips for: Infliction 
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 Infliction Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Supernatural Investigator Achievement Guide (All Hidden Ghost Locations):
A written and visual guide for finding all four hidden ghosts for the "Supernatural 
Investigator" achievement in Caustic Reality's "Infliction." As is the nature of all
guides and walkthroughs, this contains mild content spoilers related to finding what's 
needed for the achievement.

-=Supernatural Investigator Achievement=-
The goal is to take pictures of the entity that's hiding in 4 different locations in 
the game. You'll also trigger the "Turn to Your Left" achievement in the process of 
following along with the advice in this guide!

-=Polaroid #1=-
When you first pick up your polaroid camera in the downstairs hallway, solve the puzzle 
to get the key to open the padlock on the sliding doors. Throw open the lock and enter 
the door on the other side of this room. You'll find yourself in an orange wallpapered 
hallway. After examining the memory on your left, continue moving forward. The second 
door on the left after picking up the memory in the hallway will be slightly ajar, but 
strangely won't budge if you try to open it. Position yourself so that you can peak 
through the open door and snap a polaroid.

-=Polaroid #2=-
The next shot will deliver one achievement now and contribute to one achievement later. 
Once you examine the baby monitor and wake up in the baby's room, snatch up the item on 
the changing table and head through the door into what looks like an interrogation room, 
where you can trigger the tape recorder to play a memory. Leave this room, turn right at 
the end, turn left at the vending machine and enter the first door to your left. In the 
back of this office by the radio, you will find a keycard. Take this keycard back to the 
first part of the station hallway and enter the door to the right of the interrogation 
room, labelled "Line Up." Once inside, snap a polaroid of the other room through the glass.

-=Polaroid #3=-
The third shot is easy to miss, so be careful! Exit the basement of the cabin through 
the storm doors. Hasten through the yard in the back and follow the path to the right. 
You'll come upon a well. Approach the edge cautiously so you don't fall in and snap a 
picture down the well.

-=Polaroid #4=-
For the 4th and last picture, you'll be minding your own business in the upstairs hallway 
when you'll suddenly transport to an unfamiliar hallway. If you peak in the rooms, you'll 
discover this as a hellish asylum that performs medical experiements on its patients. 
Before leaving this area, walk all the way to the last door on the left, labelled 
"stairs." Similar to picture #1, the door is ajar, but won't budge. This is your cue to 
snap a polaroid while peaking into the open door.

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