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 In The Groove Cheats

In The Groove

Master code:
Press [Left] [Down] [Up] [Down] [Right] [Down] [Up] [Down] [Left]
[Up] [Down] [Up] [Right] [Up] [Down] [Up] at the main menu. 

Full Edit menu:
Press [Up] [Left] [Down] [Right] [Up] [Right] [Down] [Left] [Up] [Start] 
at the main menu. This will allow you to modify a song's existing steps. 

Clear the indicated number of songs to unlock the bonus. 
Disconnected -Hyper song                   : 10 songs
Bounce marathon                            : 20 songs
Tell song                                  : 30 songs
Bumpy modifier                             : 40 songs
Anubis song                                : 50 songs
Outer World marathon                       : 60 songs
Bubble Dancer song                         : 70 songs
Beat modifier                              : 80 songs
Disconnected -Mobius song                  : 90 songs
Liquid Moon song (In The Groove 2)         : 100 songs
Don't Promise Me ~Happiness Comes Mix song : 110 songs
Funk Factory song (In The Groove 2)        : 120 songs
DJ Party song                              : 130 songs
Tribal Style song (In The Groove 2)        : 140 songs
Infection song                             : 150 songs
The Legend marathon                        : 160 songs
Pandemonium song                           : 170 songs
Incognito song (In The Groove 2)           : 180 songs
Xuxa song                                  : 190 songs
Wake Up song (In The Groove 2)             : 200 songs 

Alternate credits:
Complete the last song in any game mode with a full combo. 
The credits will now include photographs of the development team and test 

Complete the indicated number of songs to unlock the corresponding song modifier.
Note: The Song Pack A expansion may be required for some bonuses. 

Beat  - 40 songs
Bumpy - 20 songs
Robot - 105 songs
Vivid - 60 songs

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