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  Hints and Tips for: Intravenous 
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 Intravenous Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unrelenting Anger Achievement Guide (with Spoilers):
Written by Jimmy

How to Obtain Unrelenting Anger Achievement

* Every enemy on the map needs to be killed.
* It is confirmed accident kills (enemies killed by each other) will 
  allow you to get this achievement. As long as everyone is dead, 
  you should be good.
* Any difficulty is fine. Highly recommended to start new game on normal.
* You can repeat a mission if you fail to kill all the listed enemies 
  here. If you miss your mark, just press "play again" for the fresh 
  start (Be careful, do not continue if you didn't kill all them. 
  Level selection may not count.).
* Saves are completely good.

-=Tips to Go by=-
In the beginning of every mission, start firing random shots to lure the guards. 
The music is a indicator for enemies around your position. When the music is 
completely gone, you can move forward to the next part or level. You should always
circle the area and keep shooting your pistol. This is for your own good, the game
might trick you so always be cautious.

Here is the official list of enemies in every level in the game:
You must Kill Baker and the 3 guys by the door on "Nondescript Hideout" at the 
start of the mission.

* Prologue City - None
* Pro. Downtown - None
* Pro. Steve's House - None
* Druggie Ghetto - 15
* Steve's House - None
* Hideout - None
* Druggie Slums - 38
* Apartment Complex - 52
* Abandoned Warehouse - 57
* Re-purposed Factory - 44
* Shopkeeper's Mansion - 33
* Abandoned Complex - 22
* 'Luxus' Incorporated Complex - 41
* Baker's Panic Room - 15
* Steve's House - 8
* Baker's Hideout - None
* Nondescript Hideout - None
* Empathestic's Rest - Part 1 - 29
* Empathestic's Rest - Part 2 - 10
* Drug Mob Casino - 35
* Epilogue - 49

And....That's about it. It should not be too hard. 
Just keep using your saves and you'll be fine.

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