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 Ishar 3 Cheats

Ishar 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Enigma Question 

Press Alt + Ctrl + A + Left Mouse Button while the cursor is in the
left border of the screen to make the time pass.

Press Alt + Ctrl + V + Left Mouse Button while the cursor is in the 
left border of the screen to have all the lives.

Hex Cheat 1:  
Load the save game (*.sav) into the hex editor and go to offset 21 
and change it to FF. Now you have 255.000 pieces of gold.

Hex Cheat 2:
Here is a little cheat till something better comes along.

Start by collecting all your companions. Save the game and with the
NU editor or any other, go to offset 313.  Here, type 6329 four times
contiguously, i.e., no 00 in between. This will give you an outrageous
number of hit points. Vitality points are easily recovered by eating 
or sleeping, but such a huge number of hit points won't. No problem, 
when you are running low edit another saved game and bumph them up 
once more.

Other statistics you can alter can be found between 43A and 458.
Type 63 contiguously to get 99 for all your vital statistics.

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