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  Hints and Tips for: ISketch 
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 ISketch Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Chat window commands:
Enter one of the following at the chat window to activate the Result.

Result                                                      Code
Say goodbye to a player                                  - /bye [player name]	
Boot player                                              - /kick [player name]
Kiss player                                              - /kiss [player name]
Hug player                                               - /hug [player name]
Greet player                                             - /greet [player name]
Clap at player                                           - /clap [player name]
Flirt with player                                        - /flirt [player name]
Invite player to room)                                   - /invite [player name]
Laugh at player                                          - /laugh [player name]
Allow indicated player to be able to kick other players  - /op [player name]
CPU makes your name into initials to stand for something - /borg [player name]
Message other people when they are not in the room       - /msg [player name]
Say something about you in a certain way                 - /me [message]
Start a private message to desired player                - /query [player name]
Select all the players and do any random thing           - /users
find the player and see which room they are in           - /find [player name]
Sends a private message to any connected user            - /msg [player name] [message]
Tells you what room (if any) a user is in                - /find [player name]
Same as clicking "Auto Skip"                             - /away
Lists drawing queue in the current room                  - /draworder
Display room description as shown                        - /rr
Mute a specific user                                     - /ignore [player name]
Display local time of a player                           - /time [player name]
Show how fast your network connection is                 - /ping
Go directly to another room                              - /join [room name]
Sends you back to the room you were previously in        - /back
Remove all text from the chat windows                    - /clear
Show the profile of a user                               - /profile [player name]
Accept an invitation and join that room                  - /accept
Show the room settings                                   - /param
Show how much time you have spent on iSketch             - /stats
Add a name to look out for                               - /notify [player name]
Join a team; name can be a maximum of three letters      - /team [team name]
List current teams in the room                           - /teams
Slap someone                                             - /slap [player name]
Tell you how many players in total there are online      - /usercount

Go to the paint brush and choose any desired color. Put the size at 32 and start 
scribbling in the page. Then, go to pen and still be at size 32. Choose another 
color then scribble over it. Then go to the fill-in-the-page tool and select the 
color you want. Start going over the scribbled area. Some strange things will appear 
if you fill in every scribble spot. After you are done it will look like pipes on a 
roller coaster.

When you are an artist, set your pen size to 32. Then, scribble in the page with any 
color you desire. When you are done scribbling on the entire page, go to the fill-in. 
You will be able to see pipes which resemble roller coaster pipes.

Operator commands:
The following commands can only be used by room operators in user-created rooms. 
The person that created the room is automatically made an operator, he can then assign 
other players to be operators as well. 
Enter them at the chat window to activate the Result.

Result                                         Code
Give operator status to someone else         - /op [player name]
Remove an operator's op status               - /deop [player name]
Lists all operators in the room              - /oplist
Restarts the current game                    - /reset
Skips the current artist                     - /skip [player name] [optional comment]
Kicks a person out from the server           - /kick [player name] [optional comment]
Change the settings for a user created room  - /modify
Modify room parameters                       - /set [parameter name] [value]

Changed username:
Enter "Admin" as a name to have it automaticlly changed to "Moron".

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