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 Jade Empire - Special Edition Cheats

Jade Empire - Special Edition

Defeating Emporor Sun Li:
Submitted by: RM

Use the opposite of his style. For example, if he uses his blade use martial styles.
If he uses martial styles use your weapon or just kill him using the Jade Golem Spirit.

Recommended character build:
Select Tiger Shen (Strong) as your character. Choose his default Martial Style, White 
Demon (fully upgrade it whenever you have a chance, except for the Chi Damage, as it 
is not that useful. When you choose your first weapon, get the sword Fortune's Favorite.
Do not spend any points in it. Keep gathering enough money to buy the Leaping Tiger 
Martial Style. Fully upgrade it as well, except for the Chi Damage. If you are playing
in the Way of the Open Palm, help Master Radiant at the quest "The Black Leopard School"
and kill Smilling Hawk to receive the Paralyzing Palm Support Style. If you are playing 
in the Way of the Closed Fist, get some money to buy the Storm Dragon Support Style. 
If neither of the two, full upgrade the one you selected, except for Chi Damage. In the
Scholar's Garden at the Imperial City, finish the quest "The Outlander", defeat Sir 
Roderick, and choose his weapon, Mirabelle, as your reward. Do not upgrade her yet. 
In the Arena at the Imperial City, at the quest "The Imperial Arena", let Black 
Whirlwind fight against Kai Lan the Serpent, to receive the Tang's Vengeance, a pair
 of Dual Wield Axes (full upgrade it). After upgrading all the other Martial and 
Support Styles and your Weapon Tang's Vengeance, put all your points in Mirabelle.
Always have Dawn Star or Sik Fox with you as Support: Dawn recovers you Chi, while
Silk enhances your Weapon. Tang's Vengeance drains your Focus, so you do not have 
to worry about it. After doing all this, your character will be very powerful. Use
the Storm Dragon or Paralyzing Palm to stop your enemies (if they are humans or ghosts),
and beat them with the Tang's Vengeance against humans and the White Demon (use the 
Leaping Tiger if the enemy is too fast for White Demon) against ghosts. Mirabelle 
and Tang's Vengeance are great to defeat Demons with. Mirabelle is exceptional 
against Horse Demons because they explode after you kill them. Chi Damage is not 
that good as it seems. It sucks your Chi, and the additional damage is not worth 
the cost. Also, you need to save Chi in case you are damaged. Perhaps the only 
battle that will be more though is the one against the two Lotus Assassins and the
two Jade Golems.

Select the balanced or strong character. It is too easy to kill magician in the close
battle, but rapid does not bring sufficiently loss. Best starting style for the balance
- swift tiger, and for silovika - white demon. Each level we rock life to two of three 
possible marks. One remained we throw either into the spirit or into the reason what 

Do not rock sword which to you they will give in the school. Better in the imperial 
city in the arena win two swords "bloody tears" and swing them on the maximum. In 
the starting style increase force of impact and speed (tsi not must). It is further 
to its taste. Game is not very complex, and its not problem to pass even not 
complexities great master.

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