Jeff Gordon XS Racing Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Jeff Gordon XS Racing 
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 Jeff Gordon XS Racing Cheats

Jeff Gordon XS Racing

Cheat Codes:
Type icancheat at the Main Menu to enable cheat mode. 
Type one of the following codes at the indicated screen 
and press [Enter]. A voice will confirm.

At the MAIN MENU, type:

Code      Result 
clipped  - No Clipping Mode 
reckless - Reckless Mode 

At the TRACK SELECTION screen, type:

Code        Result 
lapset    - Set Number of Laps 
comeplay  - Unknown 
freeride  - Pepsi Planet Track Available 
freedrive - All Tracks 

At the CAR SELECTION screen, type:

Code           Result 
takemeon     - Champion Motors Sponsor Selectable 
widebodyopen - Speed Demon Paint Job 
wildoneopen  - Wraith Car Selectable 
redfury      - X-Wave Car 
wildone      - Jeff's Car (select by changing sponsor) 


Tip 1: 
Adjust the steering sensitivity slider hard over to the right 
(tighter steering) for quicker response. The cars need to be 
dirt-tracked (pitched sideways in a turn) in order to turn 
quick times, and slow steering response will hamper your 
ability to do this. 

Tip 2: 
Don't use the brakes. Ever. You can toss the car into any 
corner and hold it off the wall just by lifting off the 
throttle and slamming full lock into the steering wheel. 
(Brakes will just slow you down). 

Tip 3: 
Pay close attention to the car number icons that appear at 
the bottom of the screen when AI drivers are closely pursuing 
The icon's position on the screen indicates on which side the 
opposing car is attempting to pass. This will often give you 
time to move over and block. With no rearview mirror or 
look-back button, it's the only clue you'll ever get to fend 
off attacks from the rear. 

Tip 4: 
If you encounter regular pauses in the game, turning off the 
background music might help. These stutters are often due to 
the game switching redbook audio tracks on the game CD.

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