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  Hints and Tips for: Jenny LeClue: Detectivu 
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 Jenny LeClue: Detectivu Cheats

Jenny LeClue: Detectivu

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Endings Guide:
Written by Zessirb

Use this guide if you want to achieve every Jenny Leclue routes in the end game section. 
There will be spoilers, obviously.

-=Endings Guide=-
Within this guide, I will go through the different endings. There will obviously be 
spoilers, so you might want to go through the game yourself first.

The spoilers will be about the chapters coming after Jenny “knows everything” (she will 
tell you). And one particular story choice that comes earlier.

-=Achieving the good ending=-
The first ending you will be able to achieve come a bit early and will be available at 
scene 25.

The writer will have a decisive decision to take about the story, and this is your 
opportunity to take good ending. You will have to choose between the Graveyard and the
 Good ending.

It lasts less than a minute and you’re redirected to the Graveyard shortly after, and 
this ending feels wrong anyway. But hey, the story is far from finished so that’s okay.

-=Going through the true ending=-
This is about the final scenes here. You are warned.

The final story scenes are the 41, 42 and 43. You will have three different kind of 
choices to make, let’s dive into those!

-=Determine your own conclusion=-
Like all good detectives, you should be the one who find the truth.

The confrontation taking place during chapter 41 and 43 allows you to explain everything 
that happened and why. You will have to choose between photos of scenes happening during 
the game, picking two of those and let Jenny make the good conclusion.

There is actually no bad choice here. Every picture has a purpose, and everyone will 
lead to solve a part of the mystery. Sometimes it can enlighten some story point, but 
there is no possible mistake. Jenny will still talk about the topic the picture is about.

-=A sacrifice has to be made=-
This might be the most important choice of the game…

As the writer, you need a character to die if you want the book to be released. And if
you want to continue the game.

You will have a choice between killing Jenny, her mother, or the Dean. Seems important, 
what happens if you choose the main character??

Pretty much nothing. The last scene will be the group of three… with the one you chose 
disappearing. You can’t even see the reaction of the ones remaining.

But hey, there is an achievement for each.

-=Choose your own demise=-
Last choice you will take!

When the sudden earth shake comes in, the camera will move deep underground and you will 
be in a laboratory where you have to choose between three levers with different colors.

Did you notice the pipes when the camera was going down?

It doesn’t matter because the levers don’t mean anything. You will choose a lever that 
most certainly leads to a specific thing… But you won’t know, the cliffhanger is the 
same in any case.

-=But hey… achievements?=-
If I wasn’t exhaustive and there is more to the story endings, do not hesitate to tell me.

-=Personal opinion on the endings=-
The guide is over, the following is just me chit chatting with myself.

After finding the game pretty entertaining, I’ve been disappointed with this ending. This 
obviously hints to a possible sequel (didn’t read much about it online but I think it is 
planned), but there are… different ways to create a cliffhanger.

This is far from the first game to build a cliffhanger at the end to prepare the next one’s 
venue. We can think about Telltale’s games (don’t forget to pay your respects) Walking Dead,
which hold very important decisions at the end of the second game.

The narrative branching was one of the main appeal to Telltale’s games, and yet reality 
catches back with it. Creating those story branches mean multiplying the amount of content,
and most players will only see one of the branches you created. Telltale quickly rejoined 
those branching to merge every story possibilities into a main one that will always be 
the only possible one, thus creating the illusion of choice. Those decisions weren’t 
very useful, and even put aside.

The marketing Jenny Leclues’s ending does is more than fragile. I suppose they want the 
players to buy the next one to know the truth?

But Jenny Leclue never created such a complex branching system in its storytelling, it 
always was at a scale of a discussion, or only some minor details. So why should we think
they will successfully do such an ambitious thing for their sequel? Chances are, if sequel
there is, those branching will mean next to nothing.

I read some talking about mass effect reference. Well, this is nice, and the game features 
enough humor to do this kind of thing. But at some point it has to live on its own, and a 
bad ending referencing a bad ending is still a bad ending; be more than just a mass effect

Also, I would have liked to see a more conclusive ending, not knowing the game was kind of 
an “episode 1”. And the cliffhanger is rarely a criteria to buy a sequel to me.

Of course, all of it is mostly subjective, and if some point of view differs I would be 
interested to talk about it.

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