John Deere American Farmer Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: John Deere American Farmer 
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 John Deere American Farmer Cheats

John Deere American Farmer

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: DJNJ

Max Cash:
(1) Create a backup copy of the .xml file that corresponds to your saved game name in the 
    "\john deere american farmer\data\games" folder. 
(2) Use a text editor to open it up. The first line will look like this: 


(3) Change the number to 99000000

Cheaper vehicles:
Use a text editor to edit the .xml file that corresponds to your saved game name in the 
"\john deere american farmer\data\games" folder. Look for lines that start with , 
are followed by a number, and end with . 
Change the number to 1 to make the corresponding vehicle cost $1.

Easy Money:
Before starting anything like corps get about 200 or more milking cows and take care of 
them for a year an they will give you BIG MONEY with selling the milk after there a 1yr.

Easy Money:
To get easy money don't start out with going crazy tryin with crops right away get milking 
cows right away and after 1yr. you will be making lots of money for the milk from the cows.

Unlimited Money:
To get all the money you want on a previous saved game do this. Ok, this involves editing a
game file. Go to where your game is stored on your Hard Drive and go into the John Deere: 
American Farmer file and find the file called "Data" then go into the file called "Games" 
all the files of your saved games should be in there. Find the name of the save you wish 
to edit. Right click on it and edit it in notepad. On the second line there should be a 
line there devoted to amount of money in your save, there should be the amount of money 
you have on that line, change it however you see fit.

Satisfy your farm family:
Submitted by: J-Dog 

If your having trouble with satisfying your farm family, try buying something in the leisure
list. Examples: a TRAMPOLINE is only like 500 dollars
a bbq grill and table is cheap also

Increase Commodity Prices:
Use a text editor to edit the *.xml file that corresponds to your saved game name in the 
directory /john deere american farmer/data/games. Right click on the file then open with 
a text editing program.

You will see, as you scroll down the *xml file codes:


Go down the page and increase the prices on all the commodities. There are 
several prices for each commodity:
After increasing all the commodity prices and re-saving the *.xml file, the 
market prices offered for each crop will be increased accordingly.

Easy Money by moving Angus cattle:
Here's a cheat that works by instantly increasing the weight of your Angus cattle. To do 
this you need to have at least three pastures. The first two pastures can be the minimum 
size square. It works better if the third pasture is large. First you buy a few angus 
cattle and place them in the first pasture and wait for them to gain some weight, but not
reach maturity. The second pasture is not used for keeping cattle, but is there to enable
you to use the rotate pasture command. When you're ready for some easy money, buy as many 
angus cattle as you can and place these in the third pasture. The initial weight will be 
300 pounds. Then transfer one of your cows from the first pasture to the third pasture. 
All of the cattle in the third pasture will instantly be the same weight as the one that 
was transferred in. Then sell all the cattle in the third pasture. You can do this over 
and over, as long as you keep a few angus cattle in the first pasture that have a decent

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