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  Hints and Tips for: Juiced 
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 Juiced Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dario

Select the "Cheat" option at the menu. Then enter any of the
following Cheats: 

Code    Result
PINT  - Unlock All Arcade Mode Cars
CASH  - Extra Money
RESP  - Everyone Respects You
CARS  - Unlock All Cars
CREW  - Full Crew
CHAR  - Character Test Mode
WIN   - Win All Races
ALL   - Activate All Cheat Codes

Unlock all Tracks and Cars in Arcade Mode:
Submitted by: conner54

On code section insert PING to activate the code.

Easy money:
Submitted by: conner54

In career mode, go to your garage and do something with one of your cars
(for example, switch a part or get a different paint job). The game should
autosave. Then, go back to your race menu. Go in a sprint and bet all your
money on one car that looks the fastest. It it does not win at least three
races out of four, turn off the Xbox and turn it back on. It will load your
last autosave. Try the same sprint again until you win then find a different
sprint and start the entire process again. 

Unlimited Money:
Submitted by: conner54
On code section enter "FAST" to get unlimited money in arcade mode.

Completion bonuses:
Get a 100% completion in career mode to unlock prototype mods for all cars in
career mode and the Extreme Nitrous Series in Arcade Mode. 

Arcade bonuses:
Complete the all the series in Arcade Mode, except the Extreme Nitrous Series,
to unlock the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Prototype Challenge Series.

All Prototype parts:
Get 1,500 respect points from all CPU characters. 

Easy money:
Earn 600 respect from any CPU character. Then, call any character on your 
mobile phone. Race for pink slips with one of your less powerful cars. After you
get there, sell it for extra money. Make sure you have more than one car in case
you lose the race.

Easy wins:
Get three of the CRX mod it until you have 199 hp. Let Amber, Vito, and Chief
race the free sprints until they get full skills. Then , use them in a 2-2-2 
or a 3-3 circuit race. 

Easy mods:
When you have a certain car you want to upgrade quickly, go to host your own 
event circuit or point to point Do one lap and your car's horsepower that you 
want upgraded. Choose to enter the event. Race and bet only if you can win. 
No matter where you finish, you will unlock a mod each time. Make sure you 
finish the race. Only do one lap, as it does not take as long. When you have 
your car fully done, race for pink slips.

More efficient turns:
While you are about to do a turn you must slow your car while entering it. 
When you are exiting, nitrous out for the best and most accurate results in 
that turn.

Recommended cars:
If you want to get the most out of your days racing, you should get a car in 
every class. For example, get a Civic DX for Class 8, an Acura RSX Type R for 
Class 7, a Celica SS II for Class 6, a Skyline GTR for Class 5, a 300GT for 
Class 4, a Corvette Z06 for Class 3, and a Viper for Class 2 or 1. 
Note: The faster the car and higher the class of the car, the more uncontrollable
it is.

Crew members:
Gain the indicated respect to unlock the crew member. 

Amber - 350 Respect from A.W.B. 
Chief - 400 Respect from Vixens 
Vito  - 650 Respect from Urban Maulerz

Easy money:
On days off, host your own race. Choose a sprint and select Class 1 vehicles. You 
will get a Viper vs. Viper; Viper vs. Corvette Z06; or Corvette vs. Corvette, and 
only two drivers, Biggi and T.K. If you get the Viper vs. Corvette, put all of your 
money on the Viper (maximum bet of $500,000). Collect your money, and repeat. You 
can choose other classes, but the lower classes give you mixed car results. 
Generally, anything modern will beat any muscle car in a sprint. A Skyline will 
beat a Corvette with up to 25 more horsepower. Biggi is a better driver than T.K. 
Sue is a better driver than Biggi. T.K. cheats every chance that he gets. You can 
also use your track to get better parts. Just schedule a circuit in the class of 
the car you want parts for, let your crew do the driving, and use all the cash 
from betting on sprints to hook up your ride.

Easy money II:
Host your own race, then pick sprint. Use your own speedway as the track. Select 
"Watch Race" so that you can bet. T.K. and Biggi will always race against each 
other. Bet on the car with the higher horsepower. You will win about 98% of the 

Easy money III:
When you run practically out of money. sell all or your only car. You will start 
over with $30,000 as you did before you started the game. Then, host a number of 
sprints and bet everything you have. No matter what happens, if you lose you will 
get your money back.

Easy money IV:
It is best to do this towards the beginning of a new game or profile. Start a new 
race on a blank day on the calendar. Make the race a Sprint and make it Class One 
Vehicles. The cost for this will be $1,000. There will usually be two racers at 
the betting screen and they will have either a Viper GTS or a Corvette. Bet on 
the Viper GTS. It is important that those two cars are in the race. If you get 
two of the same car, abandon the race and do not bet. The reason for this is that 
the Viper GTS has 993 bhp (the highest one in this mode), and the Corvette has 907 
bhp. It takes some time and is not recommended for someone with too little money. 

Regaining composure:
If you are allowing one of your crew members to race and their composure is one 
red, instead of going on to medium, go on to low because it regains twice as fast.
This means they will have more time to race on high. Do not bet your money all at 
once unless you really need too.

Back-up save games:
Under Windows XP, the save games are located in: 
C:\Documents and Settings\*user-name*\Application Data\THQ\Juiced\SAVE\.
This directory is hidden by default, so you'll need to tick all the right boxes 
under Explorer's view settings to see it. You can ALT-TAB out of the game and make
a copy before a big bet or pink slip race, then restore if you lose. 

Fast cash:
As soon as possible buy a Punto and fit it with the best mods you can, but keep it
in group 8. On every free day, host a sprint race and bet to the max. The Punto is
unbeatable in sprints so you're pretty much guaranteed to win every race. When 
possible, host races on other people's turf - the money's much better.

Bouncing car:
Get a Corvette Z06 and go to the test track. Start driving backwards, then go to 
the curb with the crane sticking over the track and drive into the dirt. You should
see hardened dirt. Drive onto that until you get halfway through the hardened dirt,
then drive off slowly as if you are going back onto the track. Before you get back 
on the track your car should start to bounce and shake. When you come out of it, 
your car should be badly damaged.

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