Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 
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 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Cheats

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Pause the game, select the "Extras" option, and choose the "Enter Code" selection.
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result                  Code	
Festive Hats           - PHHGPH
Fight Captions         - EWTPKA
Minikit Detector       - JYJAFX
Quest Detector         - KNJBD8
Studs x2               - 5MZ73E
Result                  Code	
Aquaman                - V3GTHB
Atrocitus              - ZGCEAJ
Bane                   - XZKLKQ
Batgirl                - 4LS32K
Batman Of Zur-En-Arrh  - ZWQPJD
Beast Boy              - YC3KZZ
Blue Beetle            - APEKBV
Deathstroke            - 5SW59X
Doctor Fate            - 4HRERD
The Fierce Flame       - NQ46RC
Frankenstein           - FQ4ESE
Giganta                - 95U7BM
The Joker              - 9WYGLP
Kevin Smith            - J6ANCT
Lobo                   - B5ABPQ
Music Meister          - S7GSDE
Nightwing              - N9CZ7S
Plastic Man            - H2VB8Z
Red Hood               - TRQTPS
Superboy               - QDQ3YL

Secret 1966 Batman Show Bonus Level:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!" bonus 
level. Go to the Batcave's main room, and fly up to the elevator with the Bat-logo to 
the left of the Batcomputer. When in the trophy room, fly to the far right to reach the
studio set, which looks similar to the Wayne Manor study in the 1966 Batman TV show. 
Switch to Batman or any character with a grapple gun. Pull the grapple point to the 
left of the bookcase to reveal a secret passage. Slide down the pole to start the bonus

Hidden doughnut locations:
Search the indicted location on the listed hub planet to find a hidden doughnut. Destroy
a hidden doughnut to get the "Doughnut Discoverer" achievement.

During Loontern's second quest on Nok, you will need to defeat 20 enemies in a prison 
area. Search the top level of cells to find the hidden doughnut.

Look for a burning building on Ysmault, where the Heatwave character stud is found. There
is a crack in that same building that can be smashed open with a super strong character 
to reveal a doughnut.

Teleport to Zamaron, and use a flying character. Fly over the teleporter, and go past 
the Star Sapphire minifig statue. Just north and a little west of the statue is a rocky
hill with crystals sticking out. The rocky hill is close to the starting point for 
Loontern's third quest. There is a tiny donut on the top of the hill. Land and walk into
it, or hit it, to collect the doughnut.

Easy studs:
Play "The Lantern Menace" level in Free Play mode. Go to the first part, and progress 
from the start until you reach the point where you are facing a large Brainiac skull in 
a symmetrical room. On the right side is an electric field, and on the left an electric 

Switch to any character that has an electricity suit (put on infinite electricity, if 
desired), and fill the port on the left. This will get rid of the Brainiac tentacles on 
the top of the stairs, and fire should replace them. Switch to Superman, and walk in the
middle of the fires. Initiate his freeze-breath to extinguish the fire and get studs for
it, but the fire will immediately return. Keep extinguishing the fire with Superman to 
get as many studs as desired. Use any stud multiplier to make this even more effective.

Classic Batman television show theme:
Highlight a character at the selection screen and remain idle without selecting them. 
Certain characters will begin singing the theme from the classic Batman television show.

Infinite Studs:
Work your way through the level called The Lantern Menace until you reach a machine 
where Batman or Cyborg must provide an electrical charge. Do as instructed and a step
should appear, along with a fire. Now, equip Batman's ice suit and try to put out the
fire. It doesn't ever extinguish entirely, and studs should keep appearing to reward 
your efforts. You can continue producing studs in this fashion, which makes it easy 
to collect millions or billions of studs in a relatively short period of time 
(especially if you have multipliers enabled).

How to Walk Through Walls as Cyborg:
Written by level94836

This guide will teach you an exploit that will allow you to go through walls, go 
through the ceiling etc.

-=The Glitch=-
1: Make sure you have the magnet suit and the giant suit unlocked.
2: Transform to giant suit mode as cyborg.
3: Go next to a wall. You need to be standing next to a wall, enemy, or breakable 
   object that has collision for this to work. Even the thinnest bit of vertical 
   collision next to you can launch you up!
4: Change into the magnet suit and you will notice during the transition that you 
   will be flung high into the air. You'll go through most ceiling / wall collision 
   using this.

Bonus: One thing i noticed, is that if you try changing suit before dying, you will 
die and then respawn where you last stood, and you will change to the suit you tried 
changing to. This can help a little bit if you landed on an unstable piece of collision
you slowly fall off of! On top of that, if you're quick enough you can fall near a 
wall with a death plane and then change to magnet suit so you can recover!

In most of freeplay, you can basically make it so that you only really need cyborg 
if you're really doing a speedrun (for some reason..?)

This can even be used in story mode. For example, in Jailhouse nok, do the first 
section and second section with the spider and the bridge.

Then all you'll really need to do, if you want, is fling yourself above the first 
door, then go through the door the main lantern character goes through and you will 
have skipped that section. (although i might reccomend doing the first magnet thing 
because things get weird if you don't for the 2nd half). Then after that, use cyborg 
again, go through the electricity and launch yourself up. Open the door normally and 
then once again go through the door the main lantern goes through with the glitch.

In the power of love level it's even easier. You can go through most of the doors 
except the two main level transition doors (the first one i didn't try, the second 
one blocks your way when you go high up)

This only scratches the surface of what can be done with this glitch, and i'm suprised 
nobody found this earlier, seeing as it's really easy to trigger. I hope it's not 
patched anytime soon!

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