Lode Runner - Mad Monks Revenge Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Lode Runner - Mad Monks Revenge 
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 Lode Runner - Mad Monks Revenge Cheats

Lode Runner - Mad Monks Revenge

Monk mode (DOS version):
Press [Ctrl] + [F3] to enable monk mode. 
Press T, Y, U or G, H, J or B , N, M
to control the monk. Press [Tab] to use the monk.

Monk mode (Windows version):
Open the main Lode Runner menu screen. Click the Left 
Mouse Button on the upper left corner of the menu screen, 
and type cthulu or yog. A sound will confirm correct code 
entry. Press T, Y, U or G, H, J or B , N, M to control
the monk. Press [Tab] to use the monk
For the cd-rom version hold click on the border of the 
main menu and type "cthulhu" if it worked you will hear a 
gong, then start a game
F10-gives you extra lives
F11-forward 5 levels
F12-forward 1 level
(all codes allow videos to be shown)
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