Madden NFL 2001 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Madden NFL 2001 
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 Madden NFL 2001 Cheats

Madden NFL 2001

Submitted by: Mike
When you are on defense, run back all the way to the field goal post
and tackle it. This should allow you to slide around the field on the

Submitted by: rickHH
When playing defense, always watch for motion and audibles. When in 
doubt, have your secondary drop into pass protection and cover the 
run yourself. 

Make sure you mix up your offensive play calling. If it's third and 
long, call a draw out of the shotgun if you have a good running back. 

If none of your receivers are open, throw the ball away. Taking a sack
is the last thing you want to do. 

Cheat Codes:
Update by: rontu
Enter one of the following codes to activate the hidden teams. The codes 
are entered at the "Secret Codes" option under "Settings": 

Code           Result 
Lionpower      '57 Lions 
Goldrush       '57 49ers 
Jollygreen     '58 Giants 
Stables        '58 Colts 
Getem          '62 Texans 
Therewasaman   '62 Oilers 
Megiveyou      '66 Chiefs 
Champs         '66 Packers 
Whoshotjr      '66 Cowboys 
Blitzer        '67 Rams 
Snowplow       '67 Packers 
Tundra         '67 Cowboys 
Heidi          '68 Raiders 
Shocker        '68 Colts 
Tvtimeout      '68 Jets 
Nofluke        '69 Chiefs 
MNF            '70 Browns 
Overtime       '71 Cheifs 
Lucky          '72 Steelers 
Perfect        '72 Dolphins 
Airshow        '72 Colts 
Steelcurtain   '74 Steelers 
Purple         '75 Vikings 
Hailmary       '75 Cowboys 
Dynasty        '78 Steelers 
Holy           '78 Raiders 
Roller         '78 Chargers 
Comeback       '79 Cowboys 
Ironman        '81 Chargers 
Thecatch       '81 49ers 
Tigers         '81 Bengals 
Mummies        KINGTUT
Nochance       '81 Cowboys 
Dantheman      '84 Dolphins 
Upset          '85 Bears 
Blowout        '85 Patriots 
Flyaway        '85 Falcons 
Shocker        '68 Colts 
Thedrive       '86 Broncos 
Wideright      '90 Bills 
Neonlights     '91 Falcons 
Comebackkid    '92 Bills 
Notagain       '93 Bills 
Charge         '94 Chargers 
Defense        '96 Panthers 
Almost         '96 Packers 
Missedchance   '98 Vikings 
Noluck         '98 Packers 
The catchtwo   '98 49ers 
Inthegame      EA Sports 
madden84       1984 All Madden Team 
MAD1985        1985 ALL Madden Team
86madden       1986 All Madden Team 
1987MAD        1987 ALL Madden Team
madden88       1988 All Madden Team 
90madden       1990 All Madden Team 
madden92       1992 All Madden Team 
94madden       1994 All Madden Team 
madden96       1996 All Madden Team 
98madden       1998 All Madden Team

Easy Madden points:
Choose your favorite and least favorite teams. Enter the rosters screen and 
select the "Edit Player" option. Make everyone on your favorite team a perfect
99 points for everything, then go to you least favorite team's roster and make
everyone on their team the minimum 15 for everything. Save your roster changes.
Repeatedly play in exhibition mode and do your best; run kickoffs and punts 
for touchdowns, let yourself get tackled, and run for 96 yards for a touchdown,
etc. This can result in over 1000 points in a game.

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