Madden NFL 2002 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Madden NFL 2002 
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 Madden NFL 2002 Cheats

Madden NFL 2002

Cheat Codes:
Select the "Settings" option, then choose "Secret Codes". 
Enter one of the following codes. 
Result                        Code
All classic teams unlocked  - GOLDENGOD
1977 Dallas Cowboys         - PICKEDOFF
1972 Oakland Raiders        - WILDCARD
Monster team                - GORMENGHAST
Sugar Buzz team             - HYSTERIA
All Rams team               - LACESOUT
All Ravens team             - NEVERMORE
1988 Bears                  - STEAMEDHAM
1987 Broncos                - DISCOSTU
1986 Browns                 - MRSPARKLE

Easy passes:
When you are the QB, you can throw the ball two different ways: 
straight (hold the button of the receiver you want to throw it to)
and up high (press and release the button for that receiver). When
you throw it up high, the QB will throw the ball over the safety 
to your receiver. He will catch the ball most of the time. 
Throwing it straight is the most common way. He just throws it to 
the receiver and it will not go over the safety. It is best to use
the straight pass if the WR is wide open. 

Good protection:
To get good protection on kick returns, choose "Onside Kick" as your
play. When you run back the ball, you will usually get past the 20. 

Kiss a cheerleader:
After your first five seasons in franchise mode, at the end of the 
SuperBowl there will be a cheerleader waiting for you. You have to 
be a running back, corner back, wide receiver or a linebacker for 
this trick to work. 

Team rankings:
The following a list of the teams from best to worst. 

1. Rams 
2. Broncos 
3. Packers 
4. Buccaneers 
5. Vikings 
6. Lions 
7. Seahawks 
8. Patriots 
9. Panthers 
10. Saints 
11. Cardinals 
12. 49ers 
13. Chargers 
14. Dolphins 
15. Colts 
16. Bills 
17. Bengals 
18. Browns 
19. Titans 
20. Bears 
21. Giants 
22. Falcons 
23. Jaguars 
24. Jets 
25. Cowboys 
26. Steelers 
27. Chiefs 
28. Redskins 
29. Ravens 
30. Eagles 
31. Raiders 
32. Texans 

Easy tokens:
* For easy tokens, go to the two minute drill screen. Choose two to four 
  accounts, and the Admirals for defense. Choose your team and make sure 
  you choose a profile to save to, then start playing. Keep throwing to 
  WR2 and you should get many touchdowns. It is possible to get a score 
  over 33,000 with this trick.

* Have the Dragons on defense and the Titans as offense. You can score well 
  over 55,000 points by selecting HB Off Tackle as a play. It takes about 
  eleven seconds to run and you receive 5,150 points per touchdown and 375
  points for running the same play as a two point conversion. If you can 
  successfully score 11 touchdowns, you will have a score over 55000.

* Create a profile with M. Martz's playbook. Run the two-minute drill under 
  rookie with Galaxy as the defense. Use the Rams. Run single back 5 wide, 
  Hail Mary. Faulk or Hakim will be open every time. You can score 100 points
  and get about 220 tokens. It takes nine seconds to score.

Easy tokens II:
* Select "Options" at the main menu and select "Roster". Go all the way over 
  to "Edit Player" and select your favorite team. Increase their stats all 
  the way. Set your worst team's stats down as far as it can go. Then, backout
  and save the roster. Select "Options", then "Settings". Put the game on "All
  Madden". Go to either exhibition or two minute drill mode. Start playing and
  do well. If you selected exhibition mode, run the ball all the way back to 
  the 1 yard line. Then, do a Hail Mary, catch it, and run for a touchdown. 
  You get 36 tokens every time you pass a 90 yarder. Note: You need Madden 
  Challenge on and should have a profile.

* Go to exhibition mode and play as the Ecko team against the Dragons. Turn 
  penalties off and do an onside kick if you have to kick. Repeatedly do 
  running plays and you should be able to score over 100 points in the game. 
  Note: Make sure the Madden Challenge is on. 

Stall a two-minute offense:
Use the play Dime: Double Wide when you need to stall a two-minute offense. 
You will have a better chance of running the clock while the opponent is 
trying to score with a two-minute offense.

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