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  Hints and Tips for: Madden NFL 2004 
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 Madden NFL 2004 Cheats

Madden NFL 2004

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Get Cheerleader/Pump up the crowd card:
Go to mini camp and beat the game situation. You will get a cheerleader card equal to
the team you beat the challenge with.

Mini Camp Cards:
Get a gold on the different difficulty levels in all the mini camp challenges to 
unlock cards.

No Cap in Started Franchise:
To turn off the cap in a franchise you already have started get your team extremely
close to the salary cap (100k to 0k works for me) but you have to be missing a player
you need (ex. have only 4 WR) then try to go to a regular or pre-season game it will 
say something to the effect of "You need a WR" then give you a choice to sign one or 
have the CPU sign it, choose CPU. Then it will pause for a second and say "no cap 
room choose cancel to sign player yourself or choose ok to turn off salary cap 
permanently. "Its that simple warning though this will turn off owner mode for good.

Help Lower Salary Cap (in franchise mode):
To help lower the salary cap,when you sign people sign them for 7 years and raise the
signing bonus, it will raise your cap until a certain point then will lower it, raise 
it to the point when it gives you the most cap and there ya go as Madden himself would
say BOOM.

Add stats to Bio:
Every time you simulate a season, if your team makes the playoffs it raises the stats
on your EA Bio. You only have to save the Bio, and not the season.

Determine if defense is playing man to man coverage:
Send a player in motion. If a defensive player follows him, then the corners are 
playing man to man coverage. Remember that the safeties may have zone and a LB could
cover a WR (should be an easy completion).

Easy defense:
If you have a lead and know that the opposing team is going to pass, the best defense
is the Quarter Cover 2. Spread the line and bring the coverage in. Then, take control
of one of the CBs and the DE should take care of the outside blocker, whether it be a
TE or a OT. This should leave you with a wide open lane to the QB. You may give up a 
few runs up the middle, but if you are quick enough with the playmaker, make the 
defense come in and that is covered.

Always receive at kickoff:
When you first choose teams, select the keyboard. After you select "Play Game", keep 
pressing D after the game loads. About 95% of the time, you will get to receive the 

Easy interceptions:
While in defense, choose the play Nickel-Normal, go to cover 2. Now that you chose 
the play move your line in, your LB to the left, and your coverage in. 
Note: This only work about 85% of the time in rookie mode, sometimes in pro, if you
are lucky on all-pro, and almost never in all-Madden settings.

Easy sacks:
If you have Bill Callahan's defensive playbook, go to Nickle defense and scroll down
until you find Middle Blitz. Select that play then shift both your line and your LBs
inside. You should get a sack about 85% of the time.

Easy fumbles:
Go to Mini Camp mode. Do the LB Chase And Tackle. First do it under the rookie 
difficulty setting, and when you are skilled enough, advance to the pro setting. Get
a gold trophy in the mini camp drill. Do not waste your time in the game situation. 
You will receive a Silver Fumbilitis. Use the card during a game. This card increases
your chances of getting a fumble by 50%.

Easy punt return touchdowns:
Chose "Block Punt" then when they come out, audible to a middle punt return. This 
will work about 85% of the time. 

Quick blitz:
If you want to blitz fast, go to the setting menu, then choose "Penalty", and turn
off "Offsides". You can now run before the play.

Free advertising:
Just before a home game, put all advertising up and play your game. After the game, 
do not sim week. Go out and set the advertising to zero. Sim week and you will get 
100% attendance, but pay nothing.

Halloween commentary:
Set the system date to October 31. 

Thanksgiving commentary:
Set the system date to the third Thursday in November. 

Christmas commentary:
Set the system date to December 25. 

New Year's commentary:
Set the system date to January 1. 

Extremely bored crowd:
Get the highest amount of points you can in the game. After this, if you get an 
interception, touchdown, etc., the fans will not have any reaction and seen 
extremely bored. 

Easy points and tokens on Two Minute Drill:
To get over 70 points and nearly 40,000 points in Two Minute Drill, play as the 
Rams and use both the Shotgun-Normal-Hail Mary and Shotgun-4WR-Hail Mary plays. 
Use both these formations every few plays just to throw off the defense. Throw 
to Marshall Faulk while in the normal formation after you have moved him to the
left or right and you should have a touchdown about 96% of the time. Play against
a European team such as Barcelona and you should do well. 

All-Madden coffin punt and clutch kicking in mini camp:
Use the following trick to get gold on All-Madden coffin punt and clutch kicking. 
When you start, look at the kicking meter to see how fast the wind is blowing. At 
10 to 15 mph, it is difficult to get a kick just right. Keep restarting until the 
winds are at 3 mph or lower. This makes it a lot easier to kick the ball to the 
red or yellow target. 

Easy money in owner mode:
While playing your franchise in owner mode, wait until you play any home game. 
While playing, go to menu options and save your game. Immediately quit the game 
and completely exit out of franchise mode. Reload your franchise game, and repeat
as many times as necessary. The trick works off your ticket sales for that game. 
For example, if you normally make $5 million a game, multiply that by the number 
of times you saved/quit/reloaded. If you do it ten times, then you will make $50 
million in ticket sales for that game. 
Note: If you save and do not quit, most likely your game will crash after a few 

Pitch ball but do not get it back:
Note: This only works with controllers, mainly the Logitech Dual Action. Press 
the four top buttons 6 + 5 + 8 + 7 (Logitech Dual Action). Your player should 
toss the ball almost to the other team, but they will recover the fumble 98% 
of the time. 

Easy tokens:
Go to "Rosters" and select the Green Bay Packers' Wide Receivers. Make Donald 
Driver 6'8 or taller in his information. Next, get out and go play the two minute
drill with the Packers as your team and the Amsterdam Admirals as the defense 
(European Team). Then, go to Shotgun formation, then to Shotgun 4WR and find 
Hail Mary. Keep throwing touchdowns to Donald Driver. Just throw bombs; because 
of his height he should easily catch it. After your done with the two minute 
drill, go to your Madden Cards and save your profile. Next, buy a pack of cards.
Usually when you have about 250 cards out of 285 cards, you will get a lot of 
repeats. You may have 400 points and get nothing. This is why you should save 
the game before you buy the cards, so that you get a second chance at getting 
a card that you do not already have and do not waste your points on cards you 
already have.

Powerful Player:
If you want to create a 99 overall player but don't want to pay his salary 
($25 million and upwards for a 99), just do this. Create a player as normal, 
filling in all required information. When you get to attributes, lower everything
to the 10-15 range, and create your player. His salary shouldn't be much higer 
than $250,000, if that. Sign your created player to a team. Once he's with a team,
edit him. You can now max out your attributes, making your new player 99 overall, 
but his salary will remain the same. Best of all, once his contract expires, you 
can re-sign him for the same, low price, but his stats will remain full.

Play Techniques:
The most effective way to put pressure on the QB and cause a bad throw or to get 
a sack is to use a Cover 2 defensive playbook. Then go to the 3-4 formation (this
 will surprise the offensive on who will blitz!). Move one page up or down doesn't
matter and pick the play on the right. The play should have a MLB and a LOLB on a 
blitz, there should be a SS or FS playing deep zone and the other playing Man 
Coverage. The most effective way to get a sack is to spread both your Line and 
your linebackers. Note: This is a very risky play to use if you screw up they 
will get an easy 6 on you but when I used it on the Bills Bledsoe was 5 for 26, 
75 yards 4 int and i had 9 sack + 2 FF and my LOLB had 4 sacks on his own.

Easy money:
Before you face a team that is very bad, go to owner mode and select "Advertising".
Max out everything, then go to Fan Appreciation Day and choose the top option. This 
would be what the crowd would like the most. Get your win (simulate or play one game).
After the game, go to owner mode and select "Advertising". Bring everything down to 
zero. If you winm you should gain about $6 to 7 million.

Getting good players:
To get unbelievable players, create a player, in a position that you need who is
only 18. Make him rated about 75 overall. After training camp, pre-season, and a
good season, you can have a player near 83 overall. Then, down the road, you can
easily produce a 99 overall player.

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