Madness - Project Nexus Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Madness - Project Nexus 
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 Madness - Project Nexus Cheats

Madness - Project Nexus

Easy Tricks:
Submitted by: Darkblade

1. When you get rid of your weapon, you throw it. So, when your gun 
   is out of ammo, throw the gun to where it hits an enemy. You can 
   also do this with a melee weapon, because if an enemy gets hit 
   with an object, it can severely damage or even kill them.

2. When you get killed in Arena Mode, you lose the weapon you are 
   holding, but you do not lose the weapon in your sidearm. If you
   are about to get killed and you have one weapon, quickly put the
   weapon in your sidearm before you get killed. If your are about 
   to get killed and you have two weapons, quickly choose the weapon
   that you want to keep and put it in your sidearm before you get 

3. In Arena Mode, you have a short time between the time that it says
   WAVE COMPLETE and the time that it shows how much money you have 
   and your rank. Within that time, you can get rid of and pick up 
   weapons so you can have new and/or better weapons for free.
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