Magic Farm 2 Fairy Lands Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Magic Farm 2 Fairy Lands 
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 Magic Farm 2 Fairy Lands Cheats

Magic Farm 2 Fairy Lands

Best Cheat Ever:
Submitted by: Sachal

Go to the folder for Magic Farm 2 Fairy Lands/config then edit config.cfg with 
notepad and Change cheat_enabled="false" to cheat_enabled="true" there might be 2 
of them.Try experimenting with them.

Codes i found so far:

Code  Effect
E  -  Exp(Between 115 to 140)
F  -  End Day
Z  -  Zero Medals/Leaves/Coins(Depending on place)
B  -  Shows/Hides Robin's/Pest's path
M  -  100 Medals/Leaves/Coins(Depending on place)

Another Cheat i just found:
Go to Magic Farm 2 Fairy Landsxml/Locations Then open items with notepad and edit 
whatever you like including power of weopens.Delay time,filling time and water capcity 
of well of all farms(also u can change price)

1 More Cheat I just Found:
Open Magic Farm 2 Fairy Landsxmllocations and open skills with notepad edit every single 
level for xp to as low as u want put 1 in all to automatically reach maximum level.

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