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  Hints and Tips for: Magic Seeds 
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 Magic Seeds Cheats

Magic Seeds

Tally Me Banana!:
Another great way to make lots of money is to get rid of all the gardening 
stuff and plant nothing but Banana Trees with transporters strategically 
placed among them. Yes, the Banana trees are the most expensive but they 
also bring the most money. Once you start planting them, use your first 
harvests until you’ve filled the playing area with trees and transporters… 
then start harvesting!

NOTE: This method can get a little boring but since you can sell the trees 
back for the same price, you can switch between strategies of do what I did
and combine the two! Make a little garden plot for rats and crows and then 
surround it with Banana trees!

Plant, grow, harvest, sell… and more!:
When you first start out, you only have Sunflower seeds but the tutorial shows 
you that you can quickly unlock the next plant (Tomatoes) by cross-pollinating 
your Sunflowers. (??) Yeah… it didn’t make much sense to me that you can grow 
tomatoes from sunflowers but I guess that’s why they call the game “Magic Seeds.”
Once you unlock a new plant, you will be able to purchase those seeds for planting 
(except when they are the featured “plant of the day” – More on that later).
The only way to unlock new plants is to cross-pollinate different plants (seeds) 
and see what you get. Luckily for you, I’ve done that already. Here is a list of 
all the plants you can grow:

- Sunflower 
- Tomato 
- Pumpkin 
- Watermelon 
- Corn 
- Cabbage 
- Lemon 
- Carrot 
- Bread* 
- Sausage* 

NOTE: Bread & sausage (In plant form???) are “special” plants worth more money. 
These seeds are not available to buy. You can only get them by cross-pollination.

Now… here’s the tricky part. Since the object of the game is to make money to build 
your house, you need to choose wisely how you grow your plants to get the maximum 
return on your investment. For Example: Sunflower seeds are the cheapest ($8) and 
when you harvest them, you only make $10 so in all actuality; you only make $2 off 
of every Sunflower harvest.

Cool Business:
These are the results when cross-breed plants:

sunflower + sunflower = tomato
sunflower + tomato = watermelon
sunflower + pumpkin = lemon
sunflower + watermelon = corn
sunflower + corn = tomato
sunflower + cabbage = pumpkin
sunflower + lemon = corn
sunflower + carrot = watermelon
tomato + tomato = pumpkin
tomato + pumpkin = cabbage
tomato + watermelon = carrot
tomato + corn = bread
tomato + cabbage = pumpkin
tomato + lemon = pumpkin
tomato + carrot = sunflower
pumpkin + pumpkin = watermelon
pumpkin + watermelon = lemon
pumpkin + corn = sunflower
pumpkin + cabbage = sausage
pumpkin + lemon = watermelon
pumpkin + carrot = sunflower
watermelon + watermelon = corn
watermelon + corn = carrot
watermelon + cabbage = corn
watermelon + lemon = bread
watermelon + carrot = sunflower
corn + corn = cabbage
corn + cabbage = pumpkin
corn + lemon = cabbage
corn + carrot = sausage
cabbage + cabbage = lemon
cabbage + lemon = bread
cabbage + carrot = tomato
lemon + lemon = carrot
lemon + carrot = cabbage
carrot + carrot = bread

Each sunflower that you plant costs you $10; each pile of mess that mice and 
crows make puts $50 in your pocket every time you clean that mess.

Are you just focusing on cross-breeding but need money?
Since you only get paid by the load and not how many plants were produced, just 
let the mice and crows nibble on one plant when they come around. Then clean up 
after them and receive $50. So if a mouse happens to nibble at one of the plots 
with the same plant growing there twice, you get $100 + the crop money.

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