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 Magic - The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2014 Cheats

Magic - The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2014

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Viral Unlock Persona:
From the main menu, go Extras - Promotional Unlocks - Enter Code. Type in the following 
code: X340F5IS979E7K3Q The code will error out, but you will still receive the persona.

Unlockable Personae:

Unlockable	 How to unlock	
Persona 01 - Mulligan down to one card, then win the game.
Persona 02 - Attack an opponent with a copy of a creature.
Persona 03 - Counter any spell targeting a spell your control.
Persona 04 - Exile a creature.
Persona 05 - Deal 10 non-combat damage to an opponent in a single turn
Persona 06 - Cast five spells in a single turn.
Persona 07 - Gain 20 life in a single duel.
Persona 08 - Have twenty or more lands in play.
Persona 09 - Deal 10 combat damage using flying creatures to an opponent
             in a single turn.
Persona 10 - Win a game during an opponent's combat phase.
Persona 11 - Play an online match between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM (local time).
Persona 12 - Win a duel with only 1 life.
Persona 13 - Viral Unlock.
Persona 14 - Have a life total of 100 or higher.

Promotional Card Unlock Codes:
To enter the following codes, select "Promotional Unlocks" under the "Extras" menu option.
Each code will unlock a card for each of the 10 starting decks. 

Unlockable       Code	
Promo Card #1  - GKSNDR
Promo Card #2  - DWNNDR
Promo Card #3  - FTHPTH
Promo Card #4  - TRCKSC
Promo Card #5  - PRSTTT
Promo Card #6  - RSNGSN
Promo Card #7  - XBXBDZ
Promo Card #8  - PXPRMD
Promo Card #9  - MGCCTN
Promo Card #10 - JRHPRD

Foil Promotional Unlocks:
On the player status page, click on the promotions page. From there at the bottom, hit 
the enter code button. Enter each of the following codes to unlock one card per deck, 
up to a total of 40 cards for each deck.

Promo Unlock 01 - WMKFGC
Promo Unlock 02 - KWPMZW
Promo Unlock 03 - FNMDGP
Promo Unlock 04 - MWTMJP
Promo Unlock 05 - FXGJDW
Promo Unlock 06 - GDZDJC
Promo Unlock 07 - HTRNPW
Promo Unlock 08 - NCTFJN
Promo Unlock 09 - PCNKGR
Promo Unlock 10 - GPCRSX

Bonus deck key:
Have a saved game file from Magic: The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2013 to 
unlock a free deck key that can be used for a deck and extra cards.

Deadwalkers cards:
Win the indicated number of matches with the Deadwalkers deck to unlock the corresponding 
card for it. 

Consuming Vapor: 27 
Corrupt: 13 
Corrupt: 18 
Cruel Revival: 4 
Death Baron: 30 
Death Cloud: 26 
Endless Ranks of the Dead: 9 
Exhume: 23 
Farbog Boneflinger: 5 
Geralf's Messenger: 16 
Geralf's Messenger: 7 
Grave Betrayal: 28 
Grave Pact: 22 
Gravecrawler: 11 
Gravecrawler: 6 
Lord of the Undead: 19 
Lord of the Undead: 8 
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed: 10 
Mutilate: 24 
Nightmare: 15 
Quest for the Gravelord: 17 
Reanimate: 14 
Rise of the Dark Realms: 20 
Shrivel: 2 
Staff of the Death Magus: 12 
Undead Warchief: 29 
Undead Warchief: 21 
Vampric Tutor: 25 
Vial of Poison: 3 
Zombie Apocalypse: 1 

Firewave cards:
Win the indicated number of matches with the Firewave deck to unlock the corresponding 
card for it. 

Browbeat: 18 
Chandra's Spitfire: 20 
Disintegrate: 21 
Final Fortune: 26 
Final Fortune: 22 
Fire Servant: 24 
Fire Servant: 5 
Fireshrieker: 8 
Fireshrieker: 29 
Fireshrieker: 16 
Flame Slash: 19 
Flamebreak: 6 
Flames of the Firebrand: 17 
Furnace of Rath: 9 
Grim Lavamancer: 14 
Grim Lavamancer: 7 
Hostility: 30 
Inferno: 1 
Inferno Titan: 10 
Kiln Fiend: 13 
Kiln Fiend: 4 
Kiln Fiend: 23 
Lava Axe: 2 
Reverberate: 25 
Seismic Assault: 12 
Staff of the Flame Magus: 3 
Stalking Vengeance: 28 
Sulfuric Vortex: 15 
Sulfurice Vortex: 27 
Wild Guess: 11 

Masks Of The Dimir cards:
Win the indicated number of matches with the Masks Of The Dimir deck to unlock the corresponding 
card for it. 

Archaeomancer: 18 
Archaeomancer: 9 
Avatar of Will: 20 
Consult the Necrosages: 11 
Countersquall: 29 
Diluvian Primordial: 26 
Dinrova Horror: 28 
Dire Undercurrents: 14 
Doomsday Specter: 30 
Evil Twin: 10 
Fool's Demise: 17 
Guardian of the Ages: 19 
Hands of Binding: 24 
Illusionary Armor: 13 
Illusionary Armor: 4 
Lobotomy: 15 
Lobotomy: 2 
Mark of the Vampire: 6 
Mental Vapors: 25 
Mindleech Mass: 1 
Ravenous Rats: 3 
Shadow Slice: 22 
Slate Street Ruffian: 21 
Sleep: 5 
Smog Elemental: 23 
Stolen Identity: 27 
Threads of Disloyalty: 7 
Threads of Disloyalty: 16 
Treasure Hunt: 8 
Vengeful Vampire: 12 

Sliver Hive cards:
Win the indicated number of matches with the Sliver Hive deck to unlock the corresponding 
card for it. 

Armageddon: 12 
Armageddon: 22 
Battle Sliver: 4 
Bifurcate: 23 
Bifurcate: 7 
Blur Sliver: 14 
Bonescythe Sliver: 6 
Faith's Fetters: 26 
Faith's Fetters: 5 
Faith's Fetters: 17 
Fiery Justice: 25 
Fiery Justice: 3 
Indestructibility: 21 
Indestructibility: 2 
Indestructibility: 9 
Lifeline: 18 
Lifeline: 27 
Lifeline: 13 
Megantic Sliver: 1 
Mirror Entity: 19 
Path to Exile: 11 
Predatory Sliver: 8 
Savage Beating: 28 
Shared Animosity: 10 
Survival of the Fittest: 20 
Thorncaster Sliver: 16 
Titanic Ultimatum: 30 
Unflinching Courage: 24 
Wild Pair: 15 
Wild Pair: 29 

Easy "Hivelord" achievement or trophy:
Unlock the "Sliver Hive" deck by completing the Shandalar plane in the first campaign. 
Select "The Teeth of Akoum," which is the first battlefield in Zendikar. Your opponent 
only will have about four creature cards in the entire deck. Your opponent's tactic will
be to cast those creatures, then equip them to make them powerful. Besides the four 
creatures and a few pieces of equipment, your opponent's deck is full of land cards. 
Try to get rid of your opponent's creatures as fast as possible. Once they are eliminated,
your opponent's equipment is useless. Once this is done, just play seven different kinds 
of sliver, and your opponent will be unable to do anything. Your Sliver Hive deck contains
two "Path to Exile" and three "Shock" cards. Use Shock whenever possible to counter your 
opponent's creatures before they are equipped with anything that will allow them to 
survive being Shocked. Use "Path to Exile" to take care of larger creatures that are 
already equipped or use it on a creature if "Shock" is not in hand. If your opponent 
gets creatures in play that are a threat, sacrifice duplicate Slivers before risking 
unique ones.

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