M - Alien Paranoia Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: M - Alien Paranoia 
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 M - Alien Paranoia Cheats

M - Alien Paranoia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

In the PARTIDOS directory under the install directory, the files named 
"PARTIDOS1.OEM", "PARTIDOS2.OEM", etc. hold the player's health level, 
number of laser shots, number of pears. etc. 

Open the file corresponding to the number of the saved game with either 
a hex editor or, even better, WORDPAD. 

EDIT-FIND the string "PERSONAJEM" (without the quotes). Page down to the 
section called VIDA. The "ACTUAL" line is the amount of health (Max 250). 

Several more pages under this is the section PERSONAJE_M. 
Under this will be found the following: 

Superrayo           = 9999999.000 (super laser)
Cantidad_Laser      = 250.000 (laser shots)
Cantidad_Peras      = 99.000 (pears)
Cantidad_Boomerangs = 99.000 (boomerangs)
Cantidad_Huevos     = 99.000 (gork chick eggs)
Cantidad_Piezas     = ?.000 (spacecraft pieces) 

with their maximum values. 

Note 1: 
If you change Cantidad_Piezas to the number of needed spacecraft pieces 
(or higher) for that level, the game will start the next level when you 
load the saved game. 

Note 2: 
There are two lines that say Superrayo = Set them both to 9999999.000 to 
get super lasers for a very long time.
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