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  Hints and Tips for: Manhattan Chase 
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 Manhattan Chase Cheats

Manhattan Chase

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for the final missions:
The first seven missions of each campaign are not too hard to beat once you
learn how to control your car, which weapons work best against your enemies,
and when to attack. The eighth and final mission for both Angel and Yasmin 
can get real tough though. If you're really stuck, these hints should point
you in the right direction.

In Angel's final mission, a good car to choose is the yellow sports car. 
It's fast and already faces the street you need to take. Instead of immediately
heading for the heliport, drive up the arch crossing the street just south of 
the police headquarters. On top, you will find a "devil's head" power-up that 
turns your car into an invincible bullet. Heading south, you can now plow 
through traffic without worries. The heavily armed street rod added with patch
1.2 will also be no problem for you now. Just as the road begins to turn to 
the right, continue between the two buildings straight ahead. You will reach
the raised ground beneath which passes the highway tunnel. Do two things here:
slow down so you don't fly off the edge into the sea after jumping the raised 
section, and when driving up the incline, aim for the spot just left of the 
darker section of grass at the right edge. Otherwise you might hit one of the
skylights and fall to the highway down below. Now head for the heliport and 
stop in the blue marker. After the cutscene, all that's left to do is shoot 
down Yasmin's helicopter. What the game fails to mention: your machine gun 
has an alternate fire mode, a grenade thrower. Try to hide behind the tower
of the castle ahead and to the left, but don't go too far into cover or Yasmin
will follow you. Now try to shoot grenades over the tower to hit Yasmin's 
chopper. She'll take about 15 hits before she goes down.

In Yasmin's final mission, it's all about the "devil's head" invincibility 
power-ups. Otherwise you stand no chance against the heavily armed police 
cruiser that will start to follow you after a few minutes. Near almost every
one of the targets you need to take out, there is an invincibility power-up 
hidden somewhere close by. Keep your eyes open! Remember where the power-ups
are hidden at, so you'll get closer to your 32 kills with each attempt. The 
power-ups are good for 30 seconds, which should be enough to get you to the 
next victim and the next power-up to keep up your invincibility. Following 
the arrow on your radar to the next target is a good starting point for 
developing a quick and safe route along the targets. If you're having trouble
finding a nearby power-up for some of the target areas, note their location, 
reload a mission in which you have neither a time limit nor pursuers, and 
explore thoroughly. Don't waste time with the guy near the construction site.
Drive up one of the planks to the construction framing, pick up the air-strike
power-up, lock on to the target and call in the air-strike, then head off to
your next target. Once you get all but one kill, it's time for Angel. She'll
be trying to run from you on Pearl Street near the NYPD headquarters.

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