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  Hints and Tips for: Marble Blast Gold 
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 Marble Blast Gold Cheats

Marble Blast Gold

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: ray
updated by: Tucker mcelwaney

Press [F10] during game play, then enter one of the following codes:

Effect                            Code
Set gravity - Laser Cheat (*)   - default.marble.gravity=[number];
Set speed                       - default.marble.speed=[number];
Level select and editor(**)     - $testcheats=1
Jump control, default is 7.5    - defaultmarble.jumpimpulse=[number];

(*) "2" is low gravity, "3" is super ball jumps.
(**) After selecting a level, press [F11] to start the level editor.
     Press [F12] to add power-ups and pads to the level. 

Submitted by: RM

Level select:
Go to level selection screen and click to the next level that is locked. Then, go 
down and click on the bottom right corner of the screen on the picture. It then 
will unlock that level. Continue this process until you have unlocked all levels. 
Note: This does not unlock "Custom". You must complete all levels to unlock 

Special mode:
Beat the "Gold" time target on every level. 

Beginners level 24:
On level 24 of Beginners level, you can substitute the Gyropractor (which is 
tricky to work), and instead use a "super bounce" to reach he tower with gems.
The location of all gems for this level are: 

 Two on main platform.
 One in mine tunnel.
 One on super bounce platform.
 One on Gravitron pathway.
 One on Gyropractor towers.
 One where super bounce towers are (be careful, you easily fall off here).
 One on moving platform that moves horizontally. 

Also, be careful during the drop to the ending circle-platform. You are supposed
to use a shock absorber there and people easily mistake it as just a regular drop.
To beat the "Gold" time, go forward into tornado to get first two gems. Then, go back
to middle platform. Get those gems and use tornado to get to the platform instead of
using super bounce. Next, go under by the mines to get that gem. Then use the super
jump to get back up and go to gravity to get the gem on the ceiling. Then, gyrocopter
to get the last gem and finish. 

After you have collected all the gems, use the Gyrocopter to float down to the finish.
Use it rather than the Shock Absorber. It is much easier.

Getting a level qualified without doing anything:
Submitted by: Mia

1. Go to a not qulafied level screen.
2. Click the way bottom right hand corner.

Submitted by: Gavin Powell

When you enter a level press (ESC) then press [F10] and type in defaultmarble.gravity=2;
Then press F10 and you should have ZERO GRAVITY.
TIP: This Cheat is good for no GEM Levels.

Submitted by: Jan

This is no cheat but a help to have custom levels.

1. You download by garage games or marble blast forums or filefront.
2. Put them in marble-data-missions-custom folder.
3. Look in the custom tab and what is that?.

To create your on level:
Submitted by: jason

Go to level press the butten under the ESC type in $testcheat=1;

Level select:
Go to level selection screen and click to the next level that is locked. Then, go down
and click on the bottom right corner of the screen on the picture. It then will unlock
that level. Continue this process until you have unlocked all levels. This does not 
unlock "Custom". You must complete all levels to unlock 'Custom'.

Cheats Level editor:
Submitted by: liam Woods

You Open a level, click [F10] and type in $testcheats=1; then click enter. Then click
[F11], here you have a level editor. Click [F12] to add powerups and pads to your level.

Submitted by: Stew Stew

When at the beginning of a level, turn to where you are facing the red part. Then press 
the "W" and "D" button and jump when it says "go". That gives you an extra one and a half
second less to your time. Then you can go off the side of the loop de loop and fly off and
try and finish in twenty seconds or keep going and jump right before you get to the first 
obstacle. You should fly ahead and hit a mine that will blast you upward and you land on 
the finish pad or even keep going and when you are at the end of the platform after you 
jump, go carefully off the edge and go toward the finishing pad.

Jump control cheat:
Submited by: Jordan Jarvis

Press (F10) for apple for windows press (~) during game play enter 
defaultmarble.jumpimpulse= [number]; (default is 7.5) press enter enjoy.

Infinite Super Bounce:
Submitted by: Matthew

Press [F10] and type in: defaultmarble.gravity=3; This is not actually super bounce but 
it sets the gravity so whenever you jump it does a super bounce jump.

Submitted by: joe

F10 and type in testcheats=1; wants you go to the finsh press esc and restart and press 
F7 to drop and F8 to go anywhere.

Custom level- how to unlock and add your own custom level:
Submitted by: Simone Bosman

click on custom although you are already in cutom, hold in and drag to empty picture to add 
your own custom level.

Code easter eggs:
Okay when you type a cheat like say gravity modifier for example defaultmarble.gravity=[any 
number between 1-9]; the higher the number the more gravity the lower the number the less 
gravity if you put zero as the number you would have mid air zero gravity total floating. 
sam with the speed or jump cheat code the higher the number the more speed or jump power.

A lot of cheats!!:
Submitted by: laurenz2010

Changes how strong the mines are when they blow up. 15 is default. Try 1500 for a super-explosion 
or 0.00001 for a very small one.

How long the mines take to respawn (in milliseconds). 5000 is default. Try 5000000 and they will 
it will take them a few hours to respawn.

How high you can jump. 7.5 is default. Although 75 is generally a good super-jump, on some levels 
you will end up going too high/out of bounds.

Probably the most common cheat for Marble Blast Gold. Actually, the only cheat code here you can 
really find anywhere else on the internet. This controls the marbles gravity. It's like the code 
listed above, but with some other effects, like you fall slower. 20 is default. 
Try 2 for a good super-jump.

gemitem.norespawn=false; $Item::RespawnTime=0;
The first code means that gems will respawn, just like the powerups do. The second code makes 
the powerups respawn instantly, instead of after seven seconds. 
Use these codes together to make the gems come back instantly.

Stops the timer. Pretty straight forward.

Gives you 99 gems.

Wins the game, giving you the time when you typed the code in for your highscore.

addHelpLine("Hi", false);
Replace "Hi" with whatever text you want, and it will display it on the screen. 
Remember, don't get rid of the quotes.

Change the current time (In milliseconds)

Fly around.

Stop flying around.


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