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  Hints and Tips for: Marble Drop 
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 Marble Drop Cheats

Marble Drop

Drop multiple marbles quickly into a puzzle to rack 
up points as they keep bouncing off the crossbow. 
Reset the puzzle to solve it with newly acquired 
points intact.

Belisarius Puzzle Solution:
33 Belisarius:
Left:blue Right:yellow OR 
Left:yellow Right:blue OR 
Left:green Right:green
Left: blue
Right: yellow
Right: red
Left: red
Right: blue
Right: yellow
Left: purple
Right: red
Right: blue

Puzzle Solutions:
The solutions follows the puzzle names. In each case, drop the colored
marbles, in order, into the funnels indicated. Let each marble go as 
far as it can before adding the next. 

-=Marcus Tiron=-
1. Left funnel: red 
2. Right funnel: blue 
3. Right funnel: yellow 
4. Right funnel: yellow 
5. Right funnel: yellow 
6. Right funnel: blue 
7. Left funnel: blue 
8. Left funnel: red 
9. Left funnel: red 
10. Left funnel: red 

1. Right funnel: any 
2. Left funnel: steel 
3. Center funnel: any 
4. Right funnel: steel 
5. Left funnel: any 
6. Center funnel: steel 
7. Right funnel: any 
8. Left funnel: steel 
9. Center funnel: any 

-=Leone Alberti=-
1. Right funnel: green 
2. Center funnel: red 
3. Left funnel: blue 
4. Left funnel: yellow 
5. Center funnel: orange 
6. Right funnel: violet 
7. Right funnel: blue 
8. Right funnel: red 
9. Left funnel: green 
10. Center funnel: yellow 
11. Right funnel: violet 
12. Left funnel: orange 

-=Thabit Ibn Quarra=-
1. Left funnel: steel (or orange) 
2. Right funnel: orange 
3. Right funnel: red 
4. Left funnel: yellow 
5. Left funnel: blue 
6. Left funnel: blue 
7. Right funnel: red 
8. Left funnel: orange 
9. Left funnel: violet 
10. Right funnel: blue 
11. Left funnel: red 

-=Gerbert d'Aurillac=-
1. Center funnel Right funnel: blue 
2. Center funnel Right funnel: yellow 
3. Right funnel: orange 
4. Left funnel: red 
5. Center funnel Right funnel: red 
6. Center funnel Right funnel: steel 
7. Right funnel: orange 
8. Center funnel Left funnel: yellow
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