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  Hints and Tips for: Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne 
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 Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne Cheats

Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Ankit Prasad

Update by: avinash bhojwani
Submitted by: conner54

Start the game with maxpayne2.exe -developer, then press ~ to open the console. 
To do this you right click on your shortcut (which is usually on your desktop) 
and add -developer after the target line, here's an _example_: 
"C:/Games/Max Payne 2/MaxPayne2.exe" -developer. Then there shouldn't be any 
problems bringing up the console during gameplay.

Code                    Result
clear                 - Clear console screen
clr                   - Clear console screen
coder                 - God mode, all weapons, health, inifinite ammo
god                   - God Mode
mortal                - disable god mode
getallweapons         - Get all weapons
quit                  - quit game
showfps               - Show fps rate
showextendedfps       - Show extended fps rate
getberetta            - Get beretta with 1000 ammo
getbullettime         - Put player into bullettime
getcoltcommando       - Get coltcommando with 1000 ammo
getdeserteagle        - Get Desert Eagle with 1000 ammo
getdragunov           - Get Dragunov with 1000 ammo
getgraphicsnovelpart1 - Fill in part of the story line
getgraphicsnovelpart2 - Fill in part of the story line
getgraphicsnovelpart3 - Fill in part of the story line
gethealth             - Get 1000 health
getingram             - Get Ingram with 1000 ammo
getkalashnikov        - Get Kalashnikov with 1000 ammo
getmolotov            - Get Molotov cocktail with 1000 ammo
getmp5                - Get MP5 with 1000 ammo
getpainkillers        - Get 1000 painkillers
getpumpshotgun        - Get pumpshotgun with 1000 ammo
getsawedshotgun       - Get sawed-off shotgun with 1000 ammo
getsniper             - Get sniper gun with 1000 ammo
getstriker            - Get striker gun with 1000 ammo
jump10                - Jump 10 high
jump20                - Jump 20 high
jump30                - Jump 30 high
showhud               - Turn on HUD
help                  - Much more debug commands

Cheat Mode:
Submitted by: Niloy M. Reza

This is the easiest way of activatng cheat your desktop tere must be a
shortcut of Max Payne 2,(right)click on the shortcut and then click properties.
In the (target)box there shall bee written the target of the shortcut.
For example"C:\Program Files\Max Payne 2.exe". 
Write developer after exe,for example 
"C:\Program Files\Max Payne 2.exe (space)-developer".Then click (OK).

After doing this,start the game,select any level you want.After it starts 
press( ~ ).At the bottom left corner A sign will appear which looks like 
this ( > ).Type any cheat you want.Some letters will appear but it makes 
no problem.Just keep pressing ( ~ )until it disappears.


Nude Mona:
Start the game with the -developerkeys command line parameter. Start the game,
then press [Page Up] or [Page Down] to cycle character models until reaching
one of Mona Sax as she appeared when in the shower.

Special ending:
Successfully complete the game in Dead On Arrival mode.

Completion bonuses:
Complete the game under the "Detective" difficulty setting to unlock the Hard Boiled,
New York Minute, and Dead Man Walking modes. Complete the game under the "Hard-Boiled"
difficulty setting to unlock Dead On Arrival mode.

Part 1, Chapter 6: Kung Fu poster:
Go through the fun house until you reach Mona's hideout. Once inside, look
around Mona's gym area and should find a poster of the famous Max Payne Mod "Kung
Fu" by Kenneth Yeung.

Apartment memorial:
During the level where you have to find a member of the inner circle in a fancy 
apartment complex, go to the part where two cleaners are outside the window on the
lift. Kill them both and jump down from ledge to ledge until you reach the bottom.
Run along the edge of the building until you hear a shotgun blast from the inside 
and see someone flying out of a window. Kill the cleaner in his apartment but do 
not go in. Continue along the buildings edge for slightly longer and you will find
an open window. Inside, is a memorial for someone.

Theme song:
Play the piano with the dead body on top of it. Max will attempt to play his theme

How play as 20+ characters:
Submitted by: Gul Soomro

Start the game with maxpayne2.exe -developerkeys, then press ~ to open the console.
To do this you right click on your shortcut (which is usually on your desktop) and 
add -developerkeys after the target line, here's an _example_:
"C:/Games/Max Payne 2/MaxPayne2.exe" -developerkeys
Then there shouldn't be any problems bringing up the console during gameplay.
Press the Page Up/Page Down key when you're playing and you'll turn into any 
character that's in the game keep scrolling using Page up or down and you'll
also be able to find the famous nude Mona. Enjoy.

Secret Memorial:
Submitted by: Gul Soomro

In Part 1, Chapter 7, there is a secret room on the outside of the building. At the
bottom-most ledge, you'll see a pipe blocking off a section of the ledge that leads
away from an open window. Follow this ledge (jumping over the pipe) around to the 
secret room. This room contains a memorial to a fallen developer.

Submitted by: SIDDHARTH


Unlimited Save in Story Mode(3th):
Submitted by: Hamzeh Ghanbari Nehbandani

Just run program with this parameter to bring up console & then without 
cheating you have unlimited saves.

-developer in you game icon target after ".

Submitted by: Ankit Prasad

Start the game with maxpayne2.exe -developerkeys in the command line, then press ~ 
to open the console. To do this you right click on your shortcut, click on properties 
(which is usually on your desktop) and add -developerkeys after the target line, for 
example: "C:/Games/Max Payne 2/MaxPayne2.exe" -developerkeys
After doing that, run the shortcut.
Press the Page Up/Page Down key when you're playing and you can play as any of the 
characters in the game. Keep pressing Page down and you will eventually come across
nude mona! You can even press F3 and then swirl the camera around using the arrow keys
and mouse.

Submitted by: Ankit Prasad

Start the game with maxpayne2.exe -developerkeys -screenshot in the command line, then
press ~ to open the console. To do this you right click on your shortcut, click on 
properties (which is usually on your desktop) and add -developerkeys -screenshot after
the target line, for example: 
"C:/Games/Max Payne 2/MaxPayne2.exe" -developerkeys -screenshot
After doing that, run the shortcut.
While playing press F10 to take a screenshot. The screenshots are saved in a screenshots
folder which is in the folder where you have installed max payne 2. The screenshots are 
saved as a .tga file and you need adobe photoshop to view them. You can even press F3 
and then swirl the camera around using the arrow keys and mouse.

Submitted by: ankush mahajan

Shootdodge is almost the same as bullet time but this does not use any bullet time!
Use this when there are 2-4 enemies in different directions and u also save bullet 

Submitted by: shyam

In the level in which max is at his appartment and escapes from the fire to the ledge
if u poen the console and jump 30 u will reach higher and find ammo for all weapons.

Submitted by:Rajan Das

It is a hint to cross the part3 chapter 8 please follow. Now you will find your enemy
as ..throwing bombs to you.ok use the telescopic MP5 gun to break down the support of
iron bars by pointing at the red orange coloured thick screws.Now donot forget to move
around otherwise you will be in trouble ..ok then you will have to quickly knock down 
the other orange screws which support the above top of the position where your enemy 
stands. Hit them with bullets from oppsite sides donot try to break them, you cannot,
try to push thm out from one side and expel them from the other by using bullets. 
Please note the roof on which you are standing is collapsing due to bombarding. donot
move around carelessly you my fall down and zero flour and die.So now expel all the 
screws and video clipping will be shown that the upper top is falling and the enemy 
escaped donot worry..donot remove your telescope and you will find him appear just 
any whr beside your telescopic screen ..then once you find him at aim constantly 
shoot him..(donot puse then he will through the ftal coktail to kill you) then he 
will die and thus the game will be over.

Submitted by: Ganjar Darmawan
Max Payne & Max Payne 2 The fall of Max Payne

Use the rasmaker and the rasmaker2 to decompress the game data, then look for the 
following files
1. level_items.H
2. shooting.H

Then edit the file with notepad, and change the values in the following parameter
1. clipsize (indicate the amount of bullet a magazine reserve)
2. pocketsize 9indicate the maximum amount of ammo Max can carry for the weapons)
3. shootingfrequency (indicate the speed of the shot, is it a single fire or a rapid
   fire) all you got to do is edit it, or you can do the same thing that i do, i just
   add additional zeroes to the values, and it makes Max dodging bullets like raindrops.

Submitted by: Ganjar Darmawan

Playing max payne is cool but it's hell lot cooler to play mona, so for those of 
you who like mona as much as i do and want to play her for the entire game use 
this trick, find the file named "levels" and edit it with a notepad, you can use 
the search feature, relax you'll find it for sure there's no name duplication in 
this, then open it with notepad once you're inside find the parameter "playerskinname", 
all you got to do is change the name to s_monasax_a or s_monasax_b or even s_monasax_naked, 
you could look for the correct naming and other skins name in player skin folder.
NB: you must unpack it first using the rasmaker tool just extract the data.ras

Instantly Unlock All Gameplay Modes:
Submitted by: Subhojit Shaw

Go to Start Menu->Run and type in ''regedit''. Press Enter. 
In the directory tree on the left, 
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Remedy Entertainment->Max Payne 2. 
Click on the ''Game Level'' folder, and some items will appear on the 
right side of the screen. Right-Click and select New->DWORD Value 

Double-Click on the entry you just made and set the value to 1. 
Rename the entries to the following: 

LevelSelector - Unlocks ''Level Select'' mode 
timedmode     - Unlocks ''New York Minute'' and ''Dead Man Walking'' modes 
nightmare     - Unlocks ''Hard-Broiled'' mode 
hell          - Unlocks ''Dead On Arrival'' mode 

How to fool the Enemy:
Submitted by: Naveen.N.R

First of all change you appearence using -developerkeys parameters in the 
target box. Now you can change yourself to Vlad or anybody else. If you get 
to the enemy base as a different person they will say "Boss is not here Come 
again Later " They willnot shoot at you till you shoot at them 
Check this out mail at

How to Make Vlad Act In Double Role:
Submitted by: Naveen.N.R
My Mail-

First of all run the game with god mode(refer cheatbook for more instructions). 
Now in the very last chapter after you climb the lift and turn right in that 
room you will see the steps breaking down. Now instead of waiting for the small 
lift reach near Vlad using the jump cheats(jump30 or jump20)You can fire at 
Vlad but he will not die. He will soon hide in a small passage. If you enter 
the door ahead in the movie you will see Vlad climbing the huge hemisphere.
He will throw a cocktail to the door. Since you are in god mode you can walk 
through the fire and reach Vlad in the passage. He will be still there.
Now you can finish the game by killing Vlad over the hemispherical structure 
or you can jump down and climb through the small lift and make the Vlad in 
the passage go to the hemisphere.Some gang members will come from that door 
but they will die in the fire. Try this out 

Submitted by: Naveen.N.R

First of all run the game in god mode. Now in chapter 1 part 1 as soon 
as you get out of the car.. go to the gate through which you came and 
jump over it using jump30 cheat in the console. On the other side if 
you walk over the nearest footpath you will suddenly find Max Paye 
deadddddddd Check this out..... 
my mail- 

Poets Of The Fall references:
On some levels, you will hear the song "Late Goodbye". For example, in Chapter 
4, when the janitor tells you the code for the door in one of the beginning 
chapters, he hums the song to himself. In Chapter 6, when you reach Mona's room, 
you can hear her trying to sing the song. In Chapter 7, before you kill the 
cleaners playing the piano, you can hear one of them playing a little section 
of that song. Near the end of the game, in one of the dreams, you see a cleaner 
trying to clean graffiti, singing the song.

Max Payne references:
In the beginning scene in the hospital, there is a nursery in the corridor just 
before you enter the elevator. Although you cannot access the room, examine the 
pictures on display. They are from the original Max Payne storyline. The first 
is Max and his family outside a house. The second is of his wife and child dead. 
The third is of Max crying while holding a gun. 

Television shows:
If you are near a television, you can see a show that somehow reflects your life.
The one that most copies your life is "Address Unknown". 

Mad policemen:
In the chapter where Max is suspended inside the police station, go into the 
rec-room. There will be two policemen sitting on a couch watching television. 
Walk up to the television and shut it off. The policemen will make comments to
Max and they will get mad at him, but will not actually do anything.

Extra pain killers:
At the start of the game, turn around and open the middle locker. Inside will 
be two bottles of pain killers to take whenever needed.

Submitted by: Pratik Saha

To active a cheat right click on the shortcut of max payne and at the target 
path and after the quots write the following :- "" -developer -developerkeys 
(e.g.---"F:\Big Games\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2.exe" -developer -developerkeys).
During the game press these keys

|~  | = Show console
|F3 |= Free Look
|F4 |= Show Gird
|F6 |= Show Heading and Pitch
|F7 |= Index
|F11|= Frame per second infa
|Page Down| |Page up|= Next and precvious Mesh 
|Delete|= Teleportation

See Mona Sax when she is taking a bath:
Submitted by: Pratik Saha

Be sure the Cheat was activated (developer)Open the level Part:1 Chapter:6 go to the 
Mona's excise room and press |F3| and by the mouse and the arrow keys go right through 
the door where mona is taking a bath and you will see Mona Nude and taking a bath.

Mona and Max doing some bad things:
Submitted by: Pratik Saha

At the Part:2 Chapter:1(not prologue) See the full story and you will find it.

Hidden items:
In the warehouse after the cleaning imposter tries to trick you, kill his teammate. In 
the room his teammate came out of is a forklift with a board and two barrels. One is an
explosive. Push the lever on the forklift and the board will slide backwards, allowing 
you to walk up it. Then, jump to the box. Turn around, then jump to the other box. Jump 
to the box next to it with a open box to find grenades, painkillers, and ammunition.

Tip for Dead Man Walking:
n dead man walking mode (when you've unlocked it!) ,shootdoge-jump into the enemies as 
they spawn from their spawn pod thingies. The next few times they respawn they 
automatically get knocked over. (making your gaming a whole lot easier!)

View all models:
Instead of -developer use -developerkeys and in the game use F11 to bring up statistics 
and PGUP and PGDOWN to change character model. You can select everyone in the game, 
but you can't use F12 to use normal cheats.

Help from the goonies:
In the chapter where you get some "help" by a few of the goonies, use the following 
tricks. When they shoot their guns, stay behind them. Secondly, let them take care 
of all the cleaners and masked men (which will lead into the following tip). If there
are any remaining, have an automatic gun ready and cap all of them. One of the goonies
will be reminded of your name being Max Payne and they will turn on you.

Kill old lady:
In the "There Is No Us In This" level, the old lady that gives you the shotgun can be
killed during the intermission sequence where Max tells her to close her door and not
open it for anyone but the police. To create this glitch, throw either a grenade or a
Molotov cocktail at the ground near the door as you are leaving. This will cause her 
to burn in the intermission sequence if using a Molotov, or get blown sky high if 
using a grenade. Also, if you do a backwards dive through the door while exiting and
shoot the lady in the head as the screen fades to black, Max will be talking to no one
during the intermission sequence. This means that there will be no body on the ground
or anything else.

Hand grenades:
They can be very useful in game play. If you are about to enter a room full of thugs,
toss a hand grenade in first. You can also bean someone with a hand grenade, stunning
him so he doesn't have time to run away.

In Memory Of:
In the 7th level on the first chapter (the one were you are in the hotel), once you 
go down the window washer lift, and the down the scaffolding, instead of going through
the window, go left along the ledge for a bit. Soon you will come across a different 
window, and inside is a small room with purple curtains around it, candles, and a 
little stand with a book on it. It says "in memory of (some guy, cant remember the 
name)" and there is a picture of him... it also says "1983-2003"

How To Play With Unlimited Health And All Guns With Unlimited Ammo!:
Submitted By:Rajat Vats
E Mail:

Create a shortcut to maxpayne.exe on your desktop.
Right-click on the shortcut and select "Properties."
In the target field just add " -developer" 
Start game with new shortcut.
While in game, press the "~" key to bring up the cheat console. 
Then just type the cheat CODER and enjoy a lot.

An Easy Way of Passing Part 2 Chapter 5 (Out Of The ~ Window):
Submitted By:Rajat Vats
E Mail:

When You See Max Falling Out Of the Building Open Cheat Console N Type 
Cheat CODER and Jump Below and Kill Commandos Coming Towards Max
Then Max Will Lift the Things On Him And Head Towards, Follow Him Or Go Ahead Leaving
Him Behind, And Kill Other Commandos And Remember. You Have To Protect Max Otherwise 
You Will Fail The Task. Try To Use Shoot Dodge (Shift+Up Arrow Key) As Many Times as 
Possible. After That When Max will hide in Some Type of Curtains. Stand before one of
the Yellow Colored Pole near The Curtains. Open Cheat Console and Type Jump 20 Try to
Land on One of the Pole and Then Opening the Cheat Console Type Jump 30 And Land On 
The Scaffolding. 

Defeating Vlad:
This trick is useful when you reach the part where you have to finish Vlad off while 
he is on the platform. If you have an MP5 with a little bit of ammo, you can do this
easily. In the beginning when he starts talking, back into the corner and get out the
MP5. Zoom into the sticks. Do not shoot the middle. Shoot the edges of the sticks. In
the beginning, you can cap off two. When the pause begins when he starts talking about
giving you a sandwich, you can cap off two more. As the platform falls, if you are quick,
you can cap off two more (from the sides). Run around that square a few times and cap off
one more from the side. Then, run around again and cap off a couple more. Keep doing this
until that triangular thing falls down. As soon as that happens, pull out the fully 
loaded Russian machine gun and finish him off.

Hidden items:
In the beginning when you are outside of the warehouse in the rain, there are two 
vans in front of you. One of the vans will be locked. Open either the side or back 
doors of the other van to get Painkillers and a 9mm pistol.

Complete Part 3:Chapter 8 on detective:
Submitted by: Shoaib Ahmed

First when you enter the room you can see Vlad is shooting you & throwing bomb at you.
First shoot all the joints.then Vlad will fall.Then you shoot him.Don't forget to move 
while shooting.After you shoot head of Vlad he will no die.After headshoot a scene will 
come & this mission is passed.
Send me feedback or if you have a problem in Max Payne 2-The Fall of Max Payne 
send me my question i will try to solve you my email

See Mona Sax in whole nude body:
Submitted by: Shoaib Ahmed

If you want to see Mona Sax in nude body,first on your Max Payne 2-The Fall of Max Payne 
shortcut edit it properties.On its target file at last add -developer.Then start the game.
Select a level then start game.Then press page up or page down until you see Mona Sax in 
nude body.When Mona Sax come on whole nude body to see her nude body press p.
Send me feedback or if you have a problem in Max Payne 2-The Fall of Max Payne send me 
my question i will try to solve you my email

MaxPayne II - "Kill Vinnie:
Submitted by: ykeen

[# 1] In the End of the Climax where the Vinnie is climbed at the top of the Hall. 
Do not west you energy and time, Fire on the glasses and carefully climb on a edge, 
as shown in the image below. 

[# 2] Lunch the MP5 gun as Sniper mode. Fire on the Wooden connectors at the top of 
the stirring, as shown in the image. {I was lucky that I find the edge where Vinnie's 
Dynamite did not affect me.} You have to shoot atleast 3 wooden connectors. 
You can see only 2 wooden connectors from a side, for 3rd wooden connector you have 
to change the side, just opposite from your current location. 

[#3] Now do not relax. There are 4 more wooden connectors that must shoot out to 
bring Vinnie unhide. This time you did not need to change the side. Fire these wooden 
connectors with MP5 as Sniper mode, as shown in the image. 

[#4] Still the Vinnie will not Die. You will have to find quite safe edge. 
Again use MP5 as Sniper mode. Try to fire continue on the Vinnie. 
{Again I was lucky that I was able to fire on Vinnie's Head and He die in a single shoot.} 
That all over.

Camera movement:
Start the game with the -screenshot command line paramenter. Press [F3] to unlock the 
camera. This allows you to move it freely with the cursor keys and mouse. Press [F3] 
again to lock the camera, then move your character while remaining in the stationary 
camera angle. Pressing [F3] a third time will return to normal view.

Super Mario:
Submitted by: Pandbdakov Kuszahar

At level 4,"No Us in this",near to the end at the level,when you go out to the ledge,walk 
for a little time on the ledge,and at the wall,you will see an M letter.Go for it,and push 
the activate (E) button.Then,walk back to the house,and now,go back to the ledge.
You will see that,at the ledge there will be fireballs,that go up and down.

Hidden weapons and painkillers in level 1:
Submitted by: Pandbdakov Kuszahar

At the first level,"Elevator Doors" go in the warehouse.At the door,where the cleaner 
comes out,turn left.Jump to the crate.If you jumping for left on the other crates,you'll 
get some ingram ammo what is at the top of the bracket.If you jump forward,and at the end,
you'll jump left to a bigger crate,go forward,and you'll got an Ingram,and at the bracket,
there'll be a painkiller.

In the room,where the second cleaner is,go to the trolley,and push activate (E) button.
The trolley will elevate a big board.When the barrels rolls down from the board,jump 
to it,and walk up for its top.Then,jump to the crate,and from there,jump to the other 
crates.Here'll be a box.In the box there'll be 9mm pistol ammo,a painkiller and a grenade.

3 grenades:
Submitted by: Pandbdakov Kuszahar

At Chapter 1,level 2 near to the end of the level,when the mobsters are attack you,at 
the rooms left side,there will be an other room.In the room there are Ragnarock signs,
drums, chairs etc.Jump behind these thing,and there'll be 3 grenades!

Access the Secret Ending:
To view the secret ending of "Max Payne 2", start the game in ‘Dead On Arrival’ difficulty 
mode, and then enter this into the developer console: 

maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );

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