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  Hints and Tips for: Mega Man X8 
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 Mega Man X8 Cheats

Mega Man X8

Easy Metals:
Submitted by: Haspa

This trick requires a Life Tank, but it does not have to be full. Spend all your 
Metals until you have less than 50. After that, buy the Life Charge Chip. Normally 
you cannot buy it if you do not have more than 50 Metals. If it works, you will 
see the Metal counter get crazy. You can now buy anything at the R&D Lab. If you 
take any Metal on a stage, the metal counter will drop to the top (9999999). 

Easy combo multiplier:
You must have the D-Glaive Weapon for Zero, the Rasensetsu (the weapon obtained
from Dark Mantis). Enter a level with Zero and look for a the enemy that shoots
three rockets at you at the same time. Equip the D-Glaive and stand far enough 
from the enemy to where you will not kill him, but will still be able to get him
to shoot rockets at you. Then, perform the spin attack obtained from Dark Mantis
in mid air. After awhile you will rack up a large number of combo attacks. 

Zero's Sigma-Blade:
Successfully complete the game and load your cleared saved file. You can buy 
Zero's Sigma-Blade at the R&D Lab. 

Defeating Bosses:
Just have both character's life at full and perhaps a Life Tank. You can kill
every Boss with only the Buster and Saber. 

Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the game and load your cleared saved file. The navigator
used most to complete the levels will be unlocked (Alia, Layer, or Palette). 
Alia is similar to X with an X-buster, but cannot use armor pieces. Layer is 
similar to Zero with a Z-saber. Palette is similar to Axl, but has no DNA-copy

Hidden Metal: 
Note: Make sure to complete it first so you have his abilities. Use anyone with
X and go through the level. Once you must follow the Mechaniloid, do so until you
reach the small pit during the first run. Charge up crystal wall and release it 
to see the special Metal in it.

Easy "S" rank:
This trick requires the Sigma Blade and the Black Armor. It also works with only
the Sigma Blade, however it is easier with the armor as Zero will be twice as 
strong. Choose Zero and any other character. At the beginning, equip the Sigma
Blade and simply keep advancing trough the rooms. It should be much easier to 
get the top rank at all the rooms, as this weapon breaks enemies' barriers with
a single hit, thus defeating certain enemies with just one hit. By doing this, 
you should have about a 60% chance (with Sigma Blade only) and up to 90% chance
(with armor and Sigma Blade) of getting an "S" rank at all the rooms. Two of 
the three rare metals of this stage can be collected only if you get top rank
 on the rooms. Get top ranking on at least five rooms to get the rare metal 
for a life tank. Get top rank in all the rooms to get the metal for the metal
Note: Both will appear at the end of the stage where you collect the battle spools.

Recommended Boss order:
The following is the recommended order of Boss to take on based on weapon 
weaknesses. Note: Vile is weak against Yeti's ice weapon. 

Bamboo Pandemonium 
Earthrock Trilobite 
Gigavolt Man O War 
Avalanche Yeti 
Burn Rooster 
Optic Sunflower 
Dark Mantis 
Gravity Antonion 

Use the following Boss order, with the corresponding weapon weakness. 

Optic Sunflower (Green Spinner) 
Dark Mantis (Shining Ray) 
Avalanche Yeti (Shadow Runner) 
Burn Rooster (Drift Diamond) 
Gravity Antonion (Melt Creeper) 
Earthrock Trilobyte (Squeeze Ball) 
Gigabolt Man-O-War (Crystal Wall) 
Bamboo Pandamonium (Thunder Dancer) 
Vile (Drift Diamond) 
Copy Sigma (Shadow Runner) 
Sigma (X-Buster) 
Lumine (X-Buster) 
Lumine, Angel form (X-Buster) 

Use the following Boss order. Each Boss' weakness is the weapon acquired from
the Boss listed above it. Though Earthrock Trilobite's helmet is destroyed by
the gravity weapon and it does more damage, attacking with guard breaking moves
(full charge, third swing, eighth shot) will only knock the helmet off and he 
will be vulnerable while he tries to return to it. 
Earthrock Trilobite (weak against Guard Breaks or Gravity Weapon; 
                    harder as he is not distracted) 
Gigavolt Man-O-War (weak against Avalanche Yeti) 
Burn Roster 
Bamboo Pandamoniam 
Optic Sunflower 
Dark Mantis 
Gravity Antionim 

Pitch Black stage: Rare Metal:
*After you start the generator, continue with the stage. Wait until you get to the end
 of this room. Do not go through the door yet. Because the lights are now on, you will
 see two platforms above you. Note: The second one may be difficult to see. Use somebody
 that can jump high to reach the Rare Metal on the second platform. 

*After turning on the generator with Thunder Dancer or the Plasma Gun, walk out of the
 room you are in. Instead of falling to the lower level, double back where you came from.
 Notice that there are ledges to jump on top of. Use Zero to keep jumping the ledges to 
 get to the Rare Metal. 

*Once you have Gigabolt Man o' war's Weapon and the Metal Generator you can buy at the 
 lab for 5,000 Metal, bring Axl and anyone else, with anyone as the navigator. Have Axl
 copy a guard in the level and reach the generator. Once you are there, you can keep 
 walking into the generator without stopping. With the metal generator you will gain 24
 Metal every three seconds. 

Noah's Park stage: Rare Metal:
*When you have the Icarus Armor, go to Noah's Park stage again with Pallete as navigator.
 When you get to the room where she says "Find a way to break those rocks above you", 
 jump up and hit the rocks with the Icarus Armor. Up there is a Rare Metal. 

*Have Zero and somebody else, and Alia as navigator. At the first waterfall she will 
 say there is a ledge that you can jump up to. That is where the Rare Metal is located.

Alternate ending sequence:
The character that kills Lumine (Axl, X, or Zero) will determine which ending sequence

Bamboo pandamonium rare metals:
Submitted by: aayush

1.Take Axl and any one. Make axl to copy a ball maverick,then go ahead till you reachto 
the staage where there is X's armor at top, kill the bulbaloid and the armor .Go straight 
down,you'll reach a place where rare metal is kept(the place is very small) then take axl 
aand transform into the ball and go inside the hole and you can get a rare metal.

2.When you are at the place mentioned above(with X and anyone else) go to the entrance 
blocked by containers and break it by the armor's punch.You'll reach a place with spikes 
(if you are in the robot you cannot go there so you get out of robot and again get inside 
it. Instead of falling down go on the upper paltform where there is no spike. Get out of 
robot and hit the swith that is on bottom platform. Then again get in the robot you'll 
see aledge place the robot there and again hit the switchto get up. Blast the containers 
using robot. Then get out of robot and go to the platform that was containing containers
(we broke the container by robot).Take X and hit super charge crystal wall and you'll get 
the rare metal.

3.With Zero and any one else go to next stage of stage mentioned with robot. Go with robot 
till you get to a palce containing two platforms(lowerrrr contains spike and upper contains 
a ball maaverick. Don't let the robot go on the spike. Take zero and take K Knuckle to 
break the upper paltform with raikouzen. Where you break the upper platform you'll get to 
the lower platform without spike again go back to the robot where you left it and let it 
go on the spike you also go from upper platform to where you broke it ,go to lower platform 
and wait for robot but get into it otherwise you'll fall.Te platform with you and robot 
will take you to rare metal and drop at a stage.
If you have any problem contact me at

Alternate Ending Sequences:
The ending sequence that you get is determined by which character (Axl, X, or Zero) kills 

Unlock Bonus Characters:
Complete the game and load your cleared saved file. Whichever navigator was used most 
to complete the levels will be unlocked (Alia, Palette or Layer). Alia is similar to X
with an X-buster, but cannot use armour pieces, Palette is similar to Axl, but has no 
DNA-copy abilities and Layer is similar to Zero with a Z-saber.

Fight Cutman:
In Trioa Base, get 8 S-ranks and you will be able to face Cutman before the boss room.

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