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  Hints and Tips for: Megaman X3 
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 Megaman X3 Cheats

Megaman X3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:  ANKIT PRASAD

Enter these at the code-selection screen, then press Start to get past
the bosses/jump levels.

What it is            What it does
7543-2857-8141-2141 - Blast Hornet
8573-2257-6241-1141 - Toxic Seahorse
2563-4265-6357-5127 - Tunnel Rhino
2373-4267-4357-7727 - Volt Catfish
4478-4863-4627-7358 - Crush Crawfish
6414-4155-6872-3356 - Ninth Chip
5718-1263-2627-7458 - Dr. Doppler's Lab

Level             Password
Neon Tiger        3723-1283-1751-1456 
Gravity Beetle    7743-5256-1441-5486 
Blast Hornet      7745-5253-1441-5486
Blizzard Buffalo  5275-1266-1751-5458 
Tunnel Rhino      5765-1263-1756-5488 
Volt Catfish      5768-1267-4758-5488 
Toxic Seahorse    2376-2163-6258-7841
Crush Crawfish    8216-4156-6742-3821 

Level                      Password
Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage 1 6414-4155-6872-3356 
Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage 2 6414-4685-6872-3314 
Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage 3 2357-5533-6462-7735 

These cheats give special powers:
6414-4155-6872-3356 Have everything except the super adaptions.
1454-3535-6162-7162 Zero's beam sabre + everything from the above code.

Super passwords:
The following password will give you three Sub Tanks, four Heart Tanks, the 
Robot Capsule for the underwater ride armor, and the Air Dash upgrade for 
your legs. 
Also, only Gravity beetle is destroyed and Zero is not dead: 4521-4887-6256-1141. 

Defeating Crush Crawfish:
This trick requires the Arm Upgrade. When you reach the Boss, equip the Triad 
Thunder Weapon. Climb the wall as you unleash the weapon and keep the button 
held so that you start to charge it. If done correctly, Crush Crawfish will 
get hit by the blast as you start to turn yellow. The moment you turn purple, 
release the button. You will do the "Earthquake" move and Crush Crawfish's 
health will drop to zero almost instantly. 

Alternate Boss:
Destroy Bit with the Triad Thunder or the Frost Shield, and Byte with the Drill 
Fang. You will encounter a different Boss at the final Boss stage. 

Easy extra lives:
In the Doppler stage, where you must defeat all the Bosses, shoot the Beam Saber on 
the standing object. Usually if you shoot on it, healing power-ups will appear. 
However, if you shoot on it with the Beam Saber an extra life will appear.

Dr. Doppler's Lab passwords:
The following passwords have all items and weapons available. Enemies destroyed
or not determines who you will face during the Doppler stages. 
Note: The chips work as follows.

* Energy Chip:
This chip will allow you to recover energy. Stand still and your energy level
will slowly increase. 

* Arm Chip:
This chip will increase your attacking abilities. The chip allows damage to 
your system to be transformed and charged as weapon energy. You will be able
to use it to rapidly shoot charged shots. 

* Leg Chip:
This chip will enable you to dash in the air twice in a row. With the chip your
mobility in the air will be greatly enhanced. 

* Body Chip:
This chip will increase your defensive ability. Your defense shields will be 
enhanced and you will receive even less damage. Note: If you use a password that
gives you the Beam Sabre, Zero will be gone otherwise you will still have Zero. 

-Bit, Byte and Vile destroyed 
1454-2165-6162-7186 No Chips 
5414-6685-6872-3114 No Chips with Beam Sabre 
7257-5333-6462-7841 with Energy Chip 
1154-3135-6162-7185 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre 
1154-2165-6162-7181 with Arm Chip 
7257-7363-6462-7845 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre 
5114-4155-6872-3116 with Leg Chip 
1154-3165-6162-7165 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre 
7257-5563-6462-7841 with Body Chip 
3217-8553-6772-3824 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre 

-Bit, Byte destroyed, Vile not destroyed 
4454-2165-6162-7386 No Chips 
2257-5333-6462-7741 with Energy Chip 
2257-5363-6462-7746 with Arm Chip 
4154-2165-6162-7366 with Leg Chip 
4154-2665-6162-7386 with Body Chip 

-Bit and Vile destroyed, Byte not destroyed 
7377-5363-6462-7847 No Chips 
1474-3635-6162-7162 No Chips with Beam Sabre 
3267-1383-6772-3827 with Energy Chip 
3267-8383-6772-3822 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre 
7277-5363-6462-7848 with Arm Chip 
5164-6155-6872-3152 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre 
5164-4155-6872-3118 with Leg Chip 
3267-8353-6772-3872 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre 
7277-5563-6462-7847 with Body Chip 
7277-7563-6462-7842 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre 

-Bit destroyed, Byte and Vile not destroyed
6464-4155-6872-3358 No Chips 
8267-1383-6772-3727 with Energy Chip 
4174-2165-6162-7387 with Arm Chip 
2277-5363-6462-7737 with Leg Chip 
2277-5563-6462-7747 with Body Chip 

-Byte and Vile destroyed, Bit not destroyed 
7357-5163-6462-7847 No Chips 
5414-6585-6872-3112 No Chips with Beam Sabre 
1154-2335-6162-7188 with Energy Chip 
5114-6385-6872-3153 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre 
5114-4355-6872-3157 with Arm Chip 
1154-3365-6162-7182 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre 
1154-2365-6162-7168 with Leg Chip 
5114-6355-6872-3113 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre 
5114-4555-6872-3158 with Body Chip 
5114-6555-6872-3153 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre 

-Byte destroyed, Bit and Vile not destroyed 
4454-2365-6162-7388 No Chips 
2257-5133-6462-7747 with Energy Chip 
8217-1153-6772-3728 with Arm Chip 
2257-5163-6462-7737 with Leg Chip 
2257-5663-6462-7747 with Body Chip 

-Vile destroyed, Bit and Byte not destroyed 
7377-5163-6462-7841 No Chips 
5464-6585-6872-3114 No Chips with Beam Sabre 
7277-5133-6462-7841 with Energy Chip 
5164-6385-6872-3155 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre 
5164-4355-6872-3151 with Arm Chip 
1174-3365-6162-7184 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre 
5164-4355-6872-3116 with Leg Chip 
7277-7163-6462-7834 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre 
3267-1653-6772-3821 with Body Chip 
1174-3565-6162-7185 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre 

-Bit, Byte and Vile not destroyed 
2377-5163-6462-7741 No Chips 
6164-4385-6872-3356 with Energy Chip 
6164-4355-6872-3351 with Arm Chip 
2277-5163-6462-7731 with Leg Chip 
6164-4555-6872-3356 with Body Chip 

Gain Zero's Beam Sabre:
In order for this to work, you must have all the armor upgrades, all the Ride
Armors, all the Sub and Heart Tanks, Vile must've been destroyed before enter
Doppler's lab, and Zero must still be alive.
In the second station of the lab, you'll come to a flooded area. At the end of this
flooded area is a door. Do NOT under any circumstance have used Zero previously in
this stage and do NOT go through the door as X. Switch over to Zero and enter the
door. In the next room is the only mini-boss Zero is allowed to fight: the Bug. 
Defeat it and the Bug will land on Zero, damaging him severely. X will teleport 
in and Zero will pass his Beam Sabre over to him before taking off. Now whenever
X charges up to full power, he'll fire off two shots before shooting a huge green
Sabre arc across the room. This weapon is extremely powerful and is useful for 
taking out nearly any boss in one shot, including Doppler and Sigma's first form!

Chip Enhancer:
The Chip Enhancer allows you to use all four chips at once. You must first have all
the Heart Tanks, all four Sub Tanks filled, all four Robot Suits and the Dash Boots,
Mega Buster, Armor and Sensor/Helmet upgrades. Also, you cannot do it with Zero. Go 
through the first stage of Doppler's Lab until you reach a pit in the part where 
spiked balls are falling down from above. Then, jump into the pit and cling to the
left wall. Slide down to find a hidden tunnel that leads to Dr. Light. He will give
you a special Chip Enhancer. This chip will allow you to carry all four chips.

Hidden "Hyper Special" chip:
If you've played through the game, you may have seen that there are the normal 
blue Armor Capsules (where Dr. Light gives you armor upgrades), as well as four
pink ones. The pink ones carry special upgrade chips for each armor, but the kinker
is that you can only take one of them. Stinks, doesn't it? Well, don't worry because
there's also a hidden Chip Capsule that'll give you all four chips at once! In order
to get it, you must have all four of X's upgrades, all four Ride Armors, all four 
Sub-Tanks, and all eight Heart Tanks. Play up to the first station of Doppler's lab.
After the mini boss, you'll come to a large jump across a huge room. Take a deep 
breath, position X just right, and take a leap (it's best if you dash in order to
gain some speed), and you'll land on a Ride Armor platform. Select any but the Frog
armor, and continue on. After a while, you'll come to a pit with a machine dropping
spiked balls on the right. Jump out of your Ride Armor and slide down the left side
of the wall until you enter into the wall. Make sure your health is full before 
proceeding, and then walk into the room to find a hidden capsule. Dr. Light will 
then give X the Hyper Special chip, which provides all four chip upgrades and gives
X a wicked cool golden armor.

Golden Armor:
First, collect all of the Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks, Ride Armors, and Armor parts, but
DO NOT take one of the enhancement chips offered by the pink capsules. Head to Doppler
Stage 1, and make sure you have full energy (use the Ride Armor if you think you won't
be able to keep full energy). Somewhere in the stage, there will be some balls with 
spikes falling into a pit. Jump to the left side of the pit and you will go inside 
a secret room. Inside this room is a capsule that contains the Gold Armor. 
Like its name, this armor will turn X's suit a golden color, and it also gives him
the abilities of all four enhancement chips.

Crush Crawfish:
The Arm Upgrade is required. When you reach the Boss, equip the Triad Thunder Weapon 
then climb the wall as you unleash the weapon and keep the button held so that you start
to charge it. If done correctly, Crush Crawfish will get hit by the blast as you start 
to turn yellow. The moment you turn purple, release the button. You will do the 
"Earthquake" move and Crush Crawfish's health will drop to zero almost instantly.

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