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  Hints and Tips for: Menulis 
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 Menulis Cheats


Submitted by: David K

Arrow keys to move
Frame 1: Pick up the red ball (space) and throw it at the red wall (space again)

Frame 2: Go to the controller, press space, then control the crane with the arrows. 
Move it to the "war" wall and press space when its directly above it. 
Exit the controller (x) and then wall off stage.

Frame 3: Walk over to the backpack, hit space to pick it up then walk over to the 
dressing room and hit space. Walk over to the bridge and hit space.

There will be a cut scene... wait...

Frame 4: Walk to the ladder and press space. Then you have to climb up it press the 
left and right arrow keys. At the top walk over to the G and press space. Walk over 
to the ladder and press space, you'll jump down. Then walk off stage to the right.

Frame 5: Just walk right.

Frame 6: Walk over to the gun, press space, press space again then exit (x). Walk 
over to the ladder, press space and then climb up it.

Frame 7: Walk over to the 999 number generator thing and press space. Use the arrow 
keys to enter 485 (space changes selected number). Press space once you've entered 
that number.

Frame 8: Press space.
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