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  Hints and Tips for: Metal Gear Survive 
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 Metal Gear Survive Cheats

Metal Gear Survive

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

S-Ranking Hard mission:
Written by Dragony

Daily Hard difficulty missions proved to be tricky to be finished with S-rank 
for the best loot. So this is my attempt to teach working method of achieving 
it to all players.

You'll need team of 4 people, 3 just won't cut it. All 4 must be at level cap 
of 25, with good equip and knowledge how to use it. If one of your friends 
doesn't has it - just grind Normal a few times, he'll get there. 
No need to drag him into overwhelming fight.

Naturally you can create conference chat for better coordination, but it works
even without it, as long as all team member watch each other on map and perform 
appropriate roles.

There are three roles:

His task is simply keep the spinning up the drill all the time each 30 secinds, 
even if less than 30 seconds of wave left. 

Between spin-ups he can use placed MGs and personal firearms to place a few shots 
at horde nearby. Probably the easiest task, only true danger are trackers, they 
are moving extremely fast and can slip past defenders easily.

His task is to go to side-missions during the waves and along with crates look 
for rainbow-colored blobs of Iris energy, each of them adds 5K to the Iris amount 

After finishing side-missions he joins defenders.

Two of them fight the horde, using all the gadgets placed inbetween waves, doing 
their best. Naturally, this is the hardest and the most dangerous role, better 
to be taken by the most able to fight head-on team members.

It's quite simple:

* After deployment gather resources, place drill ASAP to get minimap working, 
  but do not start it prematurely. 
* Make sure any player close will get side-mission done before start of the wave. 
* Whole team places traps and turrets along the lanes to make defenders' job easier. 
* When wave starts, driller must immmediately start spinning up the drill, keeping 
  at it the whole wave. He will have around 20-25 seconds to run to the wall and 
  place a few shots at distant enemies or run-in tracker, but his main focus is the 
* Jungler departs to hunt for the side-missions to grab those precious Iris blobs.
* Defenders take their places to cover up lanes, keeping the horde in check.
* Jungler finishes side-missions and returns to rovide backup to defenders.
* After wave ends - go to #2.
* Enjoy your hard-earned S-rank.

Easy materials and Kuban:
Salvage missions are a good way to get materials. Use the following trick to easily 
get materials from Salvage mission. Join a Salvage mission session. Unequip all 
gear so you can sprint directly to the objective. Place the extractor and clear 
the area of any wanderers. Immediately begin the waves instead of waiting for the 
timer to complete. Once it begins collecting Iris energy, interact with the 
extractor and immediately withdraw to end the mission and get rewards simply for 
starting it. It does not matter the difficulty or rank. 
Note: You can get better items on harder difficulties.

How to Uncap FPS:
If you are like me, then you would like to push more than 60 FPS! 

To do this go to your Steam User folder. In your User folder, there should be one 
folder unless you have multiple users. Inside that folder find the 543900 folder 
and open the Local folder. Right click the SSD_GRAPHICS_CONFIG file and search for
Framerate_Control and change it from "Auto" to "Variable" and you can go over 60.

If you edit your settings you have to redo this!

Unlocking Subclasses:
The first thing to do with Subclasses is obviously how to unlock them. Somewhat 
disappointingly, it requires completing the entire Single Player story to get to 
the point of unlocking them. After completing the Main Story, you will get a mission 
to scavenge another Memory Board.

This mission specifically comes after two “post game” missions, one of which requires 
you to dig at your base, and the other to rescue a survivor.

After which you will be directed to enter the Skill Trainer to look at your four 
new Subclass choices.

Getting clean water:
Reach Chapter 7 in the single player campaign to unlock the Campfire and upgraded 
Hanging Pot. Build both for a renewable source of clean water. Construct a canteen 
to keep a large source of clean water. You can also find clean water in bottles 
around the environment. Search every area to get enough to survive until Chapter 7. 
Note: If you build a canteen early and fill it with infected water, you will have 
to drink it all to clear space and replace it with clean water.

Getting food:
From the main base, you can find potatoes in a variety of specialized locations. 
Travel down the hill to a few buildings and search by the burn pit. Also, check 
the area around the crashed helicopter to find potatoes for your garden. Corn is 
an even better item to grow in your garden. It can be found east of your basecamp; 
just keep searching for resources. Although gardens are good to have, growing is 
not the most efficient way to stay fed. It takes two hours to grow, so you will 
still need to hunt for animals and other food items. Between larger meals, it is 
recommended to listen for small animals. Listen for squeaks and shoot rats or other 
rodents, then cook the meat for a small boost. Do not search the same areas, as 
you normally have to push into new locations to get more food and water. 
Animals do respawn, but it is a slow process.

How To Take Animals Down Easily In Metal Gear Survive:
1.Run Up To Them.
2.Punch  Them In The Face By Hitting R1 (on Xbox One).
3.That's It, they will be knocked down to the ground. 
  Now all you need to do is finish them off.

Unlocking post game:
To start the true post game section, complete a Wormhole Digger defense in the 
Base Camp. Start the digger and begin defending. You can then assign soldiers 
to Base Defense. During Base Defense, try to stay until you earn an "S" rank 
to get the best possible rewards, including a Machine Gun Turret recipe. The 
blue turret is an AI-controlled machine gun that automatically shoots enemies
that get close, making it one of the most valuable weapons for future Base Defenses.

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