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 Metal Slug Defense Cheats

Metal Slug Defense

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Action Points:
* In every level, your first move should always be to spend 40 points to upgrade
  Action Point generation. Follow this by launching the cheapest soldier into 
* You must collect Action Points to produce troops. The quickest way to create 
  AP is to repeatedly tap the lower left icon of Rumi Aikawa. 

Rescuing P.O.W.s:
* You can increase your Action Points by freeing P.O.W.s. When a level starts, 
  tap the P.O.W. icon at the bottom right to learn what P.O.W. unit you are 
  rescuing. Use that to decide which unit to select for the mission. Each area
  has four stages that have certain conditions for rescuing a P.O.W.s. You will
  need to repeat stages with different unit combinations to complete it quickly
  in order to rescue the P.O.W.s. Rescuing the second P.O.W. in a stage will be
  more difficult, as the game knows the limits of your unit allocation. You will 
  need to use a combination of your available units to rescue the second P.O.W.
* Replay levels until all prisoners are freed to earn various bonuses. 

There are three ways to earn medals (in-app purchase, winning WiFi VS ranked 
matches, and daily logins). The daily reward is not always a medal, thus the most
reliable way to earn medals is through defeating opponents in WiFi VS ranked matches.
Selecting a higher level of difficulty will increase your reward. To do this reliable,
select opponents that have similar troops in their deck. Facing against an opponent 
that has a deck that is significantly more powerful will be pointless. Medals can be 
spent at the shop for specialized units, Metal Slug Points, and items such as Radar 
to help free POWs. 

Tap the "Customize" option at the main menu to upgrade your troops and base. This 
is very useful for multiplayer mode. Max out all your troops first because they 
are used often, but do not ignore troop production.

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