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 Metro - Last Light Cheats

Metro - Last Light

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alternate ending:
To get the "Redemption" (good) ending, you must perform as many good actions as possible and 
kill as few humans as possible, like sparing the lives of soldiers who surrender voluntarily 
and saving women and children. You can also perform good actions by exploring the environment,
or eavesdropping on the stories NPCs tell in the cities around the metro. You will know you 
performed a good action when you see a brief flash of white after someone finishes a story or
you save the life of a human. The following is a list of some of the actions that cause the 
gain and loss of morality points. Note: Completing all actions listed below are not required
to get the best ending, but performing as many as possible will improve the chances of getting
the best ending. If you do not perform enough good actions, you will get the "C'est La Vie" 
(bad) ending.

-=Gain morality=-
Being generous with bullets (give to beggars) 
Doing exactly what NPCs instruct 
Finding hidden ammo caches on "Quarantine" 
Listening to dialogue in populated areas (exploration) 
Listening to NPC stories 
Playing musical instruments 
Rescuing women and children 
Returning the crying child's teddy bear in "Venice" 
Seeing all visions in "Dead City" 
Sparing surrendering soldiers 
Successfully complete "Bridge" without killing humans 
Successfully complete "Facility" without killing humans 
Successfully complete "Revolution" without killing humans 
Successfully complete "Separation" without killing humans 

-=Lose morality=-
Killing humans 
Killing surrendering soldiers 
Stealing in populated areas

Easy "Bloodlust" achievement:
During "The Chase" chapter, you must kill all enemies to get the "Bloodlust" achievement. The 
only tricky part is at the very beginning of the chapter, before getting on the train. There will
be three waves of enemies. In the first two waves, you must kill the eight enemies on the railcars.
In the third wave, you must kill the five enemies on the train (one on the back of the train, four
standing at the railing). It is recommended to use military rounds instead of the normal ammo, as
it does a lot more damage and will make completing this task much easier. Once you are on the 
train, kill all the remaining enemies to get the "Bloodlust" achievement once you reach the end 
of the train.

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